Thursday, December 6, 2007

P.J. Day

Watching so attentively to God only knows,
Mommy cannot remember

Looking oh so cute

After my nap Mommy call me "Helmet Head"
but I told her my name is Skylar

Showing Daddy my pretend booboo on my ankle

Listening to Daddy tell stories

I don't quite fit into Daddy's Carhart yet

Lucy trying to get Captain Featherswords'

Just a cozy day

Even Lucy had a lazy day

We had a PJ day today, it started snowing and sleeting late this afternoon which seemed to be a perfect addition to our lazy, cozy day at home. Tomorrow we are going to a mall playdate.We watched TV, took a nap, and played. Ahhhhhhh a perfect December day with my Mommy.


Kathy said...

Love PJ Days!!!! Especially in bad weather.

MelissaVilla said...

Your kitty looks exactly like my old cat Spanky...except, he was a boy and a huge fatass.......