Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Books, Cool tricks & a Costco Run

First thing this morning.

Being very animated while reading .

Reading to Onnie.

Nice gams.

Onnie laughing at the light of her life :)

Cool tricks cool tricks cool cool cool tricks !!!!!

Soooo sweet

Another cool cool cool trick

Running some lunch to Onnie

Butters modeling my newly finished scarf

What do you think? I don't even know what
stitch this is but its very easy.

Went to Costco...........

Holy shit now that's a can of green beans

Skylar hardly eating dinner

Daddy ordered pizza so I 'm gonna wait for that !!!!
Yay pizza !!!!!


Muriel and Jerry said...

She is so cute. You are talented girl with that scarf. Ummm, is it bad that last night I ate raw cookie dough while watching the Biggest Loser Finale? Just checking?

Ima Weener said...

You're done with the scarf? It's a thing of beauty. I wish I could have one. Cute pics of Skylar especially the one with her Onnie.

bluethenpink said...

Little Miss A says she wants "guy" to give back her Dora book....I had to prove to her that it wasn't her book..LOL of course I couldn't find it right away. :o)
And you are very talented...I love the scarf it is very pretty!!
Her tricks are very cool!! You go girl!! :o)

Kathy said...

Great scarf! I'm with Skylar and would wait for the pizza too! Love her tricks!!!