Saturday, December 29, 2007


I took Sky over to Onnie's to play with K and M over at Jackie's.The pics are pretty shitty that Onnie took. Sorry Onnie you know its true. I will get some with my NEW ( Ouch that hurts doesn't Onnie...HEEHEE)camera in the next few days when they play again. She didn't get home until 8:30 which worked out great because Ralph and I went through all my shit in the basement. God I have accumulated alot of shit. I am throwing ALOT away, crap I don't know where it came from. Of course I have to keep all my pics and memory boxes(you know little shit that no one would understand or think is important but its important to my Grandma K's handwriting or an old note from Pop).I also took down the tree and all the Christmas decor.Busy busy busy. Our new plan is to make the computer room the new playroom until Pokey (Ralph)gets the basement finished in the year 2028, you know when we really need it .LOL No but seriously then we will finish painting the other side of the kitchen and maybe just maybe after 2 years Pokey will finish painting the wall by the steps. I am on a rant here...sorry. I am a little bitchy today.

Shout out to DJ Holly Rocks to have a great birthday Sunday!!!!!!

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DJ Holly Rock said...

Thanks Dude!!!

Tell Pokey I want him to finish painting your house for my birthday and that it is the only thing that I'm asking for!!!

Monkey Butt,