Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Computer Whoas

Wishing I was in Captiva right now.I am having computer issues, my laptop's chager shot craps so here I sit on the desktop with none of my recent pics. I should be getting my charger before the 10th.Here's something weird I will share with you. I think Skylar ,Onnie or I am electrically charged. We went to Target earlier to try to find Skylie a new view finder(never found one...I wonder if they still make them.)We were heading down the doll aisle and I swear all these dolls started going off by themselves ...there were at least 10 of them. It was very CREEPY. I thought it was a fluke but we went down another aisle and all the Shrek dolls started going off. WEIRD!!!It kinda gave me the chills.

Skylie's new words and phrases:

good ribbons = good riddens (excuse me riddance per Onnie ...Thanks spelling police)

oh dear

that's terbible = that's terrible

oh god

stop it

sink-a-poo = I don't have a clue

She has been saying stupid, which I told her we don't use that word, its just not nice. But still it could be alot worse.There is still no sign of her 2nd year molars, I don't know why but I am not that concerned about it yet. She pooped on the potty at Onnie's again so we are going to work on the potty training slowly but surely. We start swimming on Monday and gymnastics on Wednesday. I am super excited about it. I think she will love both. We did a swim class last year that was stupid because it was more for getting them used to water and not so much the swimming. This focuses more on swimming so it should be alot of fun.


Kerri said...

Ruby takes swim classes and loves it. I think it's one of the highlights of her week. Hope Skylar has as much fun.
Kerri and Ruby

The Spelling Police said...

That was kind of weird today. You're funny. It's good riddance.

Anonymous said...

That is very weird...doo doo dooo.dooo(that was eerie music)LOL....I think there's something wrong with Target in general...I always have horrible static electricity when I go there...I mean sometimes it really friggin hurts when I touch things I get the shit shocked outta me!


bluethenpink said...

Yes they still make the view finder you'll prolly find it at the "R" store!! Love the vocabulary LOL!!! Don't worry too much about her two year molars...Little Miss A still doesn't have hers on the top yet and she is almost 3.5 LOL! Gymnastics should be fun both mine have been doing it for a couple of years....but then I think you know that story....if not you'll read about it soon ;o) lol!