Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun Day

Playing with her Guatemalan Doll over at Onnie's

Changing her poopies

Lovin' on her baby

Distraught because Mommy's taking pictures AGAIN!!

On top of the big turtle at the mall playground

Skylie Butt

Big Wheel Keep On Turn'in

Staring off in the distance
We haven't pottied on the potty again but we were running around. We will be back on track tomorrow afternoon after our playdate. While at the mall we bought a new outfit using our beloved GymBucks, its super cute!!!!!!I have got to stop going into that store, that goes for you too Onnie!!!!!!

1 comment:

Piseco said...

As always, I love your pics! Our BabyGirl has the same Guatemalan Doll and we love it. :-)