Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mickey D's and Playdoh Palooza

All decked out

May I help you?

Get out of my restaurant!!!!!!!I DO NOT need to go nite nite!!!

Crap she goes again with the damn pictures

Looking studious.

This is yours Uncle Jeff.

See like this..... you got it?

No Mommy I like the taste of it.

PawPaw made a diaper for the baby...She pooped

Uncle Jeff made an outfit and a carrot for the baby.

This is more of his handy work, he made the baby a chair. The baby had an unfortunate accident...Skylar had to amputate her arms. No one knows why.

Rock a bye Baby

Getting bored.

Onnie ... for me????? You shouldn't have. Apple juice in a tiny cup all for me.
Your such a dear!!!!

Looking beautiful as always!!!!

PawPaw or should I say Sister? Your Hilarious.

And we are outta here!!!!!!!


skitskatdoodatdat said...

She is too funny!!

Kerri said...

Looks like she had tons of fun!
Kerri and Ruby

Heidi said...

Fun times! Love the McDonald's plaything! (Emmi has the Gymboree outfit, it's so cute!)

Tara said...

She's the most beautiful Mickey D employee I know :) I think you and I have the SAME shopping problem....Devon has that outfit too! LOL