Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Fave Place for Lunch

Jamm'in to the upbeat elevator music at JBucks
while enjoying some buttered breadsticks

Going in buck-toothed style

Jackie ...I see you coming around the corner

My 2 thugs


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Sky is BEAUTIFUL! I love her hair too. I am goinng to add you to my favorites so I can ckeck in on you guys! Happy earyl birthday and enjoy your new car!

MayasMom said...

You capture the best pictures of your baby girl! Well, not a baby anymore, is she? She's adorable, but I can't believe how fast she is growing, much as I can't believe how fast MY baby girl is growing. sigh ...

gooter van hagan said...

I love the last picture. She's cute!

Our Ohana said...

Glad to see everyone is beginning to feel better. They are getting so big aren't they? I look at Toby everyday and am amazed at how much he is growing and learning. Where did my baby go?

Very excited about the new car. We'll have to be brave and take out all 3 kids when I come in May for Lee's wedding. :) I don't think I can make it out before then. But after riding in the other one you definately deserve a new one. Can't wait to see pics.