Tuesday, January 15, 2008

She did IT !!!!!

We decided to take it easy at home today.

I peed on the potty 3 times!!!!!!!!

Spider pig spider pig nobody knows what a spider pig does

I am a SimSims'(Simpson's) fan

Hand It Over Mommy

I am the Popcorn Princess

Sad because she couldn't feed the whole bag of catfood to the cats.
My girl is getting so big. She did so good on the potty today. Hopefully everyday will get a little easier for her I guess we will see.


Mawma said...

What a big girl! She looks so proud of herself. Good Job!!!

bluethenpink said...

Little Miss A sings to Sky "you're a big girl now!" and now she wants to know if Sky can have her "Stinker-bells undies" now? (he he that was her reward for doing the potty thing new Tinkerbell undies so now she thinks all girls get them he he.)
Oh and that stinkin' spider pig...gonna have to get it's cute little butt!!!! LOL We don't watch simsims but Miss A saw the commercial and has been saying it ever since!! LOL too funny :o)

Heidi said...

Yay for Skylie! What an accomplishment! I love her hair down, it's beautiful. So funny about the spider pig, Emmi runs around the house singing that all the time.

Type (little) a said...

Good Job Skylie!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my daughter loves "Spider Pig" too. She's always asking me to sing the song, and when we draw together, she sometimes asks me to draw him. Or Harry Plopper.

DJ Holly Rock said...

WAHOOO Skylie!!!

I just love how Skylie is holding the popcorn, just like a little lady.


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Katie said...

Good job on the potty !!! Love her pouty look in the last pic !!!

Anonymous said...

love to see a video of her taking down her panties and peeing