Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some Cousin Cuteness

Hello mam. Can I interest you in a pair of shoes?

Why yes, I would love to try that on.

Ok let's see. Wait a minute...I don't understand this.

Skylie impersonating an aerobics instructor.

Watch out for the cabinet.

Skylar? What are you doing?

Yeah Kate, I am down here looking for ants.

I just missed the kiss.

They are so cute.

So beautiful.

I am going shopping. Bye

I love My Kate.

We went to Mammy's to play with Kate today. I enjoy watching them interact. It takes awhile before they are just Kate and Skylar together but when they are it is sooo cute. Skylar looks after Kate as much as a 2 year old can and its very sweet. Kate can't get enough of Skylar, she thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread.
Skylar is Dora and Diego nuts and I love them because she learns so much. Yesterday she said something about Duga Turtles, I am not sure if that exists or not but she pointed it out on Diego, it looked like a leatherback Sea turtle.I know somebody out there in blog world knows what I am talking about.Today she threw a plastic star up in the air and said "Estrella, Estrella". Smarty pants. She also is counting in Spanish. I am so proud of my smart girl.

New car tomorrow night. YAY


Kathy said...

The cousins are so cute together!!! Love the coordinating outfits!

Sadly, I can answer the Diego question. You are correct it is a leatherback sea turtle and her name is Touga. Skylar knows her Diego characters. Smart little girl.

Happy Car Day tomorrow!!

Kerri said...

Are they adorable or what!
Kerri and Ruby

Gwen (Mia's mom) said...

Skylar is a genius! I guess letting them watch tv is a good thing right? At least that is what I tell myself when I plop Mia in front of the tv while I am making dinner : )

I love the kissing cousins! too cute!

thanks for the offer to lend your mom out. How about tyour dad too? A good Grandpa is impprtant too!

PS blogger is being weird so I can't sing in!

bluethenpink said...

I love Dora and Diego they are my two's favorite!! They really do learn a lot from them! I also like some of the shoes on PBS Kids. My son really like the Word Girl show and Curious George.

I love it when they come to you and tell you the things that they have learned. Those are some proud mommy moments :o)

Love the kissing cuz's they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

2 little bald pussy's to lick, even better