Saturday, January 12, 2008

Together Again

Busy in the playhouse(under the table)

Oh how I missed laughing at my cuz

I missed you too.

Mommy ,you can't see me I am invisible...remember?

Sky told me not to look at you Aunt Kelly

Now I don't hear you either!!!!!!

Ha I gotcha!!!!!

Discussing Dumbo.

Isn't she getting big and cuter if that's possible.

Really into Dumbo.

Really into Skylar.


Kerri said...

What a cute pair!
We will still plan a SDC trip this spring - I'm thinking April or May - warm enough but not too hot. What works for you?
Kerri and Ruby

Stacy said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! I just LOVE all the bows!!!

bluethenpink said...

The not listening ... well that's a girl thing ... LOL!!! :o)