Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going to Onnie's and Practicing for the Rockette's

I've got Puppy Go-Go, Bubby, and my sippy. Now where the hell is Onnie?

Let's practice our kicks, Mommy.


Oh my God , I cannot believe You can do that holding a camera.

Oh wait did you hear that? Wait ...what Gwen is 28? Holy Shit!

Here's a kick for you, Gwen.

Now onto some serious business... Where the hell is Onnie?

Hot Damn , she's on her way and she's bringing vaccum bags and Vanilla Milk!!!!YAY. Oh and Mommy says sorry about the laundry being in the pic but she did start it today!!! My Mommy is the SHIZ!!!!!


Kathy said...

Skylar will make a great Rockette!! I love her outfit. She looks cute in black. Does your laundry multiply once it hits the hamper? Mine seems like it does.

Tracey said...

Her mom is the SHIZ:) And I think Ms. S is too!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

WOW! I got Rockett kicks for my birthday! I feel so special! Be sure you give that adorable Skylar a hug and thank you from me. I bet she will say, "who's Gwen?" She is such a cutie as always!

Kerri said...

So cute! I just wanna hug that girl!
Kerri and Ruby