Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Mall and Throwing Garbage

Hand on the Hip Attitude

All Smiles

Oh My God ... I Don't Believe It


All Smiles Again

You wanna see a trick?

Taaaa Daaaa

Skylie Butt on the turtle

This is how its going to be...
OR I will throw garbage on you. Yes that's right people garbage. Thank you Dora Saves The Mermaid she could be telling us to F**K OFF when she gets pissed at us. Its very hard not to laugh when she points her tiny hand at you and says, "Stop Mommy, I'll throw garbage on you."We bought her Easter dress today at Strassburg for CHEAP I don't know how much it cost originally but it was $50.00 and I split it with Onnie. Its beautiful, now I have to decide where to take her to get pics. Any suggestions?


Kathy said...

Great pics and captions as always! Love the mall play area. The malls near me have nothing like that at all. Dora throws garbage?? Thankfully, we missed that movie!

I usually go to Target to get John's pictures done and I like them better than The Picture People but it really depends on the photographer. Good luck!

Tracey said...

Awesome play area!! And Bug thought the breakfast foods rocked! Such a pretty girl. I am a crappy mom, I haven't had professional pics of Bug:( So I can't help u there.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Dora throws garbage?!? What the hell?

Skylar is too cute playing. Thank you for telling me that I need to get a n Easter dress for pictures. I have been eyeling them forever adn I told Jenny I needed to get MIa one and she siad why? We don't go to church. SO I let it go and now you just said to get her pictures taken! Off to the mall I go! Jenny says thanks : )

Steph said...

Ha! That is a riot! How do you keep a straight face?? What a doll!!

Kerri said...

So cute! We love the mall play area - you just can't beat a climate controled play area. ;-)
Kerri and Ruby

Heidi said...

The mall play area is the best! We are very familiar with all of ours in the area.

bluethenpink said...

Man we wanna come play at your mall it looks much better than ours!! Very cute as always! I love love love her smile!!! Oh yeah Miss A can resite word for word Dora saves Mermaid Kingdom...and yes I have had her throw "garbage" on me LOL :O)
Ok you have seen my kiddo's pic's... we have them all done at Sears. Ours is really good they are the best around here!