Monday, March 3, 2008

March of Dimes and St.Louis Weather!!!!!

She didn't know I was hiding in the neighbor's yard stalking her :)

Looking at her Pawpaw

Time to pull back the bangs and grow them out.

Just Cute

She is pretending to drive in her car with her ice cream (flowers), puppy go-go,and a bag of Easter eggs. She's looking more like a bag lady.
So we went over to Onnie's on Saturday and I washed my car while she played. It was in the 60's , windy and beautiful. Yesterday was as well. However today its raining , 32 degrees and the forecast is calling for 6 - 10 inches of snow...YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME !!!!!WTF????
Along with my CafeMomma's I am walking in the March of Dimes . Its my goal to raise at least a hundred dollars for a great cause. I think each team member is going to try to raise this amount so we as a team can potentially raise $2000.If you would like to sponsor me click on the link on the upper left side bar. No pressure I know times are rough for everybody, but if you can spare a few bucks that would be great!!!


Cheri and Jesse said...

I love the Stalker picture! That cracked me up. Check out Chrissi's blog if you have a chance, I finally updated it!!!

PS. Maybe we can all get together soon.......maybe if it gets nice again we can go to the park this time!

Tracey said...

I hear ya about the snow. Sat it was 70, yesterday it snowed all day! I knew I liked your baby cream ROCKS!

Katie said...

Love the last pic with her imagination -- CUTE !!

Kerri said...

That girl is too cute!
We're sharing weather with you - YUCK!
Kerri and Ruby

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Your girl is so cute! I love that you stalked her and took a picture of it! Good luck in you walking! You are more ambitious than me.

Heidi said...

She does kind of look like a bag lady but a cute one! Crazy weather you're having!

Our Family of 5 said...

I am envious of your weather. Freezing rain/sleet here. urghh! She looks adorable with her flowers!

Beverly said...

She is adorable. What a great imagination.


Kathy said...

Such a cutie and I love the picture of her "driving". Isn't is fun watching them use their imaginations???

Dena said...

I won't tell you its been in the 70s here...I think we have only had a week under 50! Annie is a total bag cracks me up! She is just precious! Stalking our kids is soo get the best pictures that way!

Michelle Smiles said...

Love the pic with the flowers!

This changing weather is driving me crazy!