Thursday, March 20, 2008

Picture Day and a Waiver

Just got done with the best photo shoot EVER!

Back of the dress

Watching this antique looking cartoon called Tom & Jerry

Rearranging the seating

Dancing for the JC Penny clientele

I will not smile for you but I smiled and worked IT for my friend Karen.

She did awesome today!!!!!I cannot believe how much fun she had. I will post the photos when they become available in 10 days. Our photographer is going to send in the some of the pics she took of Skylar for the national ad campaign for JC Penny. She had her dressed up like Little Red Ridinghood and a big bad wolf puppet . There were several shots that turned out awesome I am not sure which ones she will send in .I had to sign a waiver, bummer we won't get paid. How freaking cool , even if nothing comes of it , its nice to be asked. It will make for a cool story to tell Sky later.


Tracey said...

That is awesome! A super model in the making:) Let us know what happens.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Can't wait to see Skylar in the BIG print! What a super model. I can't wait to see the pictures. She is such a beauty!!!!

Heidi said...

Her dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the pics. The Little Red Ridinghood ones sound really cute.

Kathy said...

She looks like an angel in that dress!! How awesome would it be to see her in ads! Even more awesome if you got paid or free pics but it would be cool to save for her. It could be her big break!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Ironically, I took John to Target today to get his pictures. Why does it take so long for them to get online??

Kerri said...

So pretty, smile or not. Can't wait to see the official pics!
Kerri and Ruby

Cheryl, said...


She is just gorgeous. I am finally feeling better. Thanks for the sweet comment.
Let me know where to look for the pics in the ad. Have a great easter. I am really going to try to take pics all weekend and post each day. I have just been so busy with work and under the weather.

Happy Easter,

Cheryl & Kayleigh Ann

Cheri and Jesse said...

She looks so adorable!!! Can't wait to see her in the ads!!!

bluethenpink said...

that's pretty stinkin' got your self a future super model!! :O) love the dress!

Samantha said...

Love the dress!!