Friday, April 18, 2008

Chill'in in the Hood ,An Earthquake, & FFF

We went to the park in my neighborhood yesterday.

Slide Slide Slippety Slide ( You can barely see the graffiti )

Cool tricks Cool tricks ( All you Yo Gabba Gabba Fans know the song)

What do you mean we're getting a new playground?

Hee Hee The neighborhood is getting new equipment Monday.YAY

She is holding Shema's hand here. I had to push Shema too, of course.

They ( Sky and Shema) are waving to me here


I can't stand it anymore!

Sour Puss

Oh the drama!

A little flushed

I got it !!! Barely

See the gorgeous landscaping behind me !!!! LOL


Mommy getting artsy. (And my FFF)

Isn't she crafty?

Hey everyone I felt the earthquake here at 4:37 this morning. We had the windows open and I heard the neighbors windchimes go crazy. I then realized my bed was shaking like a monster was underneath it and you know how I feel about monsters under my bed.....Eeeeek. I really just thought I was dreaming and went right back to bed. Sooooooo the earthquake here, right outside St.Louis was felt but no big thing. As Onnie said yesterday ,and I almost peed my pants , "It's No Chickenwing!"


Natalie C. said...

Earthquake...Wow...Thank God it wasn't serious and ya'll are OK. The pictures of Sklar are too cute.

Kerri said...

Love all the pics!
Glad you all survived the earthquake. :-)
Kerri and Ruby

Sarah said...

Skylie is too beautiful!! Love all the pics!

We felt the earthquake too... it was at 5:37 our time and woke me and Bug up... big kids slept through it. It was a 5.4 and lasted for longer than I thought it would. Very wild night!

Amy said...

Skylar is so beautiful!

ClarkFamily said...

I love all the pictures you posted ... especially the sour puss one - those will come in handy at graduation ... I am glad to hear you felt the earthquake but everyone was safe in St. Louis - what a strange thing to have happen ... Have a great weekend!

Beverly said...

I did hear about the earthquake. Cute pics.

amy and kids said...

Adorable pictures! I heard about the earthquake but we didn't feel it up here in northeastern WI.

Rachel said...

You take amazing photos!

Our Family of 5 said...

Love all the pictures!! Happy Friday!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

What a fancy neighborhood you live in! The equipment looks brand new, fancy smanchy. You sleep with your windows open where you live too, we don't even sleep with our upstairs windows open. A burgular could climb his ladder and get us. I want to come and live with you!

Love the arty pics. Sky is too cute especially with the flushed cheeks.

I guess people felt that earthquake in Michigan too. I didn't, but I was sleeping. My friend in Illinois said the same thing. She woke up and thought what the hell and then fell back asleep! too funny that you both did that.

Stephanie said...

You have a very cute little girl! I didn't know about the earthquake until I read your blog. We had one in 2003 that was a 4.9(I live in Georgia). I remember waking up to an eerie sound like the earth ripping open and the sound got louder as it approached. I pray that was it for earthquakes in your area!

Jenelle said...

Darling pictures! She's a cutie.

I slept right through the earthquake. I had a friend who's in St. Louis, and it woke her up (and freaked her out) too. I'm several hours away from St. Louis, but some people around here felt it too. My mom said her dogs went crazy! When I woke up and heard about it, I was kinda disappointed! I've always wanted to feel a LITTLE earthquake--a itty bitty one. Just to see what it's like.

Becca said...

It was 5:37 here - and the only one who caught it was the dog. I got up, but only because I had to pee (TMI!) And we had another one later in the afternoon and I missed that one, too. I must not be a very "sensitive" person.

Great Skylie pics!

Peace and Hugs,

Kathy said...

Great pictures!! I love the Drama one! That playground looks nice. Now that it has gone above freezing here I can take John to a playground. Ours is slightly lame but brand new.

Glad you survived the earthquake. Kinda freaky.

Heidi said...

Cute pics of Skylar! And I would be flipping out about the earthquake, they scare me! Glad it wasn't too big.

Robyn said...

I was up when the earthquake happened, but I didn't feel a thing. Guess I was still half asleep. :)

These pics are adorable!! Looks like you had a fun day at the park!!