Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finally A Sunny Day

Good Morning Sunshine!!!!!

Mommy and Me , still in bed

Sorry Onnie, Me (Skylar) Like this Picture

Watch Out Pedestrians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy asked me to smile, so I gave her my sad face. Ha ha

This is my Excited face, Mommy calls this my bullshit face.

I say Mommy, this is my bullshit face.

On the road again, can't wait to get back on the road again!

I am cute!

Are you kidd'in me ? That's what I said to Mommy

when she asked me to sit on the potty.

I am so pretty !

Catch ya later Onnie!

You can't catch me!!!!!

Hi Neighbor!

Damn it !!!!

Dude, What the hell is that dog barking at?

Mommy save me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly save me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now for your viewing pleasure :


MayasMom said...

LOVE the big wheel pics! Maya has a Dora one, but her feet STILL don't reach the pedals. She has, however, learned how to do the Fred Flinstone 'push the vehicle with your feet' move really quick! hehehe

Skylar is such a cutie-pie!

Kathy said...

Skylar has such a great laugh!!! She is just too cute. It is still so cold here. You are lucky to enjoy the nice weather.

Natalie C. said...

Her laugh is so contagious. Love that smile!

Tina said...

Too cute!!! Good golly is she getting big. Can't wait to come back out and play. Keep the cuteness coming!

Heidi said...

I was giggling along with her! She has the most contagious laugh!!!

Robyn said...

What beautiful spring pics!! We need some of that sunshine here. Its been raining for days!! :(


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

So glad you guys got some sun in your area and you guys got to get outside. Sky is SO cute and I love her bullshit face. Hope you get many more days to play outside.