Monday, April 21, 2008

Let the Good Times Roll...

My 2 princesas

Damn it Ma !!!!!

Hitch'in A Ride

Goofy Girls!

She means Business

Kate performing surgery

Sky playing dead

Hanging On for dear life

Wow ... don't they look thrilled

Musical Chairs

And Switched Again

ROCK ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Skylie I cannot see you!

Happy Birthday Hayden !!!!!

Push It, Push It Real Good

I DID IT !!!!!

Damn It,Its My birthday, I can cry if I want to !!!

I just love bowling

I love this wind thingy the best!!!!

Wooooo up the shirt !!!!

Makes me giggly!

What if I sit on it ???? LOL

Happy happy Boy

What the ?????

Ewwwwww Bubbles

A meeting about the Bubble Gun

I will trade you some raisins for your weapon.

Awwwww Come on, they're real good !!!!!

The Lil' Posse

Sky: Oh my God, I love Your shirt !!!!!
Saffron: Oh my God, I love yours !!!!!!
Brody: What the hell......

Skylie Butt

Some weed for Josie

And some for Max

That's my girl... spreading the love and happiness!


Heidi said...

Skylar, you crack me up! Love the surgery pics. You play dead really well. :)

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love the Skylie butt and the wind up the shirt!

Love all the action shots too!

Kerri said...

You just always make me laugh.
Kerri and Ruby

Type (little) a said...

You know Kelly, you're skimping on the freakin pictures.

I think you should put some more up, especially ones with the kitty.

Also, thanks for putting "Hitchin' a ride" in my head.


Anonymous said...

Love, it's a beautiful thing.


colefamily said...

Bowling looked fun--as well as playing with all those kids! They are atsuch a great age---

Jillicious said...

I just love her! the "blower" at the bowling alley.. too funny... I just love that your kid has a potty mouth, too! just kiddin! She is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl, said...

So cute. I also want to go back to GC when KA gets older. Potty training is going well. I just have to wash every night. She has alot of accidents. It is coming. Love the pics.


Samantha said...

She is so cute-love the big bow!

Katie said...

Okay we so have to get our girls together ... I think they are TWINS with there attitudes :)

Cheri and Jesse said...

OMG, you are too funny. I had to definitely do a double take on the "some weed for Josie" picture after I read that!!! Cute, cute pics. Good thing we rescheduled for next Tuesday.....yucky again today outside.