Friday, April 25, 2008

Life is sooooooo Good

Eww Goodies

What the .....?

Its a cat in the bag !

Look Uncle Jeff, After a year and a half I am not scared to sit on Butters.

Hello How Can I Help you?


Its for you!

SIKE! I know you are lov'in my titilating attire !

I know I know its brazen.

Oh Mommy !!!!!

Stop It ....That's Not Nice!

Well my dear friend and hero, Kathi got me in to see a cardiologist TODAY! SOOOOOOOO the wait is NO MORE and MY heart is fine. I cannot believe she got me in to have all these tests done and I even got the results TODAY while I was there. I love you girl! I really thought I had suffered a heart attack and now am having chronic chest pain. This has been a life altering event and it is a GOOD thing. I realize that I have alot of risk factors that lead to heart disease and I was lucky this time. I NEVER EVER want this to happen again so I am going to change my ways and start taking care of myself. My PCP thinks that this is related to reflux and me no longer having a gall bladder... that is making sense to me. Anyway thanks for all the support, YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!


Kerri said...

Wow! What a scare. Glad you got good news from the doc. We all need a wake up call once in a while.
Love the pics btw.
Can't wait to play in just a few weeks.
Kerri and Ruby

Tina said...

Glad you got some answers. Now on to the cuteness that is Skyler. I LOVE the attire! Too funny! And Wow, sitting on butters, a huge accomplishment. Give her a hug from Toby.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I am so glad you are okay, that must have been really scary for you.

Ok the bra...I laughed so hard and I was thinking, does Kelly know she put her bra up for the world to see?!? Mia does the same thing, and I have wanted to take a pic and post it but I haven't been that brave. She also does it with my underwear...ummmm clean or dirty. She will pick her fav pair out of the dirty laundry when I am not looking and the next thing I know she has them around her neck. As long as she never does it when company is over!

As for Mia getting dirty, I let her get dirty because she was wearing her play clothes!

I'm so glad everything is ok.

Cheryl, said...

Wow, I had a feeling that it may be bad when you said you were not feeling well. I am so Happy that everything turned out okay. Now to the pics, they crack me up. So funny. Sky has a funny sense of humor and you always capture it on camera. How precious. Take care of yourself.

bluethenpink said...

I too am soooo relieved that everything came out ok!!! Just reading what you went through has me taking a second look at my way of living....that was an eyeopener for me too!!

Ok now that bra....OMG how funny!! I have a pic around here somewhere of where daddy tied mine on Mr. G's head....but I will never be brave enough to put it up on here!! You my dear are my hero!!! :O)

Kathy said...

I am so glad you are ok and that you didn't have to wait to get the tests and results. The not knowing is the hardest.

Love Sky's new accessory! Very trendy.

Silly Lucy in the bag! And I love Skylar riding on her horse! Too cute!!!

Jeanne said...

Love your crazy pics! So glad your health will be OK. I'm happy to be your new blogger friend.

Tracey said...

So glad you are ok:) As for the bra, I have to admit my reaction was, "Holy sh#t! Makes my bra look like a bandaid!" If only you could share:)

The little lady is cute as evah!!

Heidi said...

Wow, I am so glad you are ok. Emmi would totally die for that horse!

Becca said...

Sending praises up for the good news! Google SuperFoosRx - good things there.

Love the bra - I'm jealous. I don't even need to wear one. I'm a Barely B. Rificulous, really.

Abby's mom - Pam :) said...

Glad everything went well at the doctors. That is a prayer answered. Thank you God.

Love the pics and the attire. Skylar is getting so big. Take care of yourself.

Cheri and Jesse said...

Glad to hear that everything turned out OK. I'm going to start taking better care of myself as well, after vacation that is. But then I'm joining a gym. I'm hoping to actually stick with it this time.

Love the bra pictures! Too cute! See ya both tomorrow, RAIN or SHINE.