Monday, April 7, 2008

The Ultimate Play-Ya

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Brodyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

What Can I Say The Ladies Love me

I am The Mac Daddy

Heee Heee , He is sooooo cute !

Here's Saffron , hamm'in it up for the camera

A Threesome

OH MY GOD MOM!!!!!! You are so embarrASSing!

Isn't she gorgeous?

The Happy Couple

Saffron Leads the Way

Yeah I let her think she wears the pants , BUT
Don't tell I said that !

Puppy Love ...... You can't see the puppy I was too lazy to get up

Nope Not Gonna Do It (take a nap)

Turtle Turtle Turtle
We went to the park with fellow Guatlings, Brody and Saffron and their kick ass mommas Kathi and Bonnie. We had a great time and can't wait to do it again. You would think Skylar would have passed out on the way such luck. We got home and had to play with Sidewalk Chalk . Then she wanted to run around with her imaginary dog, Bailey( which is Kate's dog) for a little while.Finally I had to force her to come in because she was so freakin' tired she was in misery. Damn Dog!!!!! Had her running all over the place. LOL So now she is passed out on the couch. What a day!


Tracey said...

Love the pic of the "threesome" walking away, sooooo cute!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Isn't it amazing how such a simple day with our kids can bring so much joy to our lives!!!! I am always amazed at it mayself


Lilysmom said...

What fun I wish we lived near you.

Heidi said...

Love the pics! What a fun playdate. That is so cute Skylie has an imaginary dog. So does Emmi...Scooby Doo. He comes everywhere with us.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love all the pics. What beautiful chilren they all are! Looks like everyone had a great time. Love the turtle turtle too!

Our Family of 5 said...

My gosh they are cuties. All 3 of them!!

Laurie said...

What cute pictures. They all are just beautiful!

Steph said...

Oh my gosh! These are the cutest pics. Too funny!!

Cheri and Jesse said...

I really wish we could have been there. Looks like the kids had so much fun!!! See you Thursday night.


Becca said...

Fun - wish we lived near you! Cool pics of the kids. And I love the name Saffron - I wanted to name Ella Saffron or Willow. Dave said we weren't giving her a hippie name. So she is strong Ella Ruth. Lovin' Saffron, though!!! If I ever get the chance to name a child again I am ignoring my husband.

Peace and Hugs,

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Kathy said...

They are beautiful little Guatlings!! Great pictures especially the 3 of them holding hands. Too sweet! I love the imaginary dog!

Samantha said...

I love the pic of the three of them from behind!

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!! Looks like you had a fun day!!


Rachel said...

Love the pictures!