Thursday, May 29, 2008

FFF: PJ Party

from the last set of referral pics until pick up

from the first set of referral pics (look at my hairy lil' monkey!!!! eeeeeeee-gads!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our New Park

Woohoo!! I thought I would die if it didn't arrive soon!!!!

I love it!!!!

Daddy throwing gang signs. LOL

EEEEE I don't know about this shit!

What is that noise?

What the fuck? Other kids are here!

Dammit! I need to drive the other car.

Whoot Whoot!

How can I help you?

Hmm.... We're fresh out of marbles. ( Mommy your a dork.)

I am all that and a bag of chips!

I see you!

Cute Cute and More Cute!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Fun

Where are we going?

Oh My God ...Its Bull from Night Court !!!!!

Just kidding !

Cupcakes are FABULOUS!

It makes get Sugar Crazy Eye

I just can't stop...its TOO good

Anna ! Uncle Jeff! Look at me!

I made Onnie ask if I could sing a song...but
when I got up to the mic I said..."I Pooped!"

My Uncle Mike with his new Daughter-In-Law

Uncle Jeff save me from these people LOL
Where's the fun in dysFUNtional now??? LOL

Loving on her Anna

My new favorite picture

Thumbs up for "The Feast" and to Cousin Nate ( He just graduated and is now the "family" lawyer.. poor guy will be busy for years to come LOL)

Good Times

Trying her hand at...


My Dad with his 2 sisters, Julie and Mary Anne

Cousin Annie and Sky

Congrats to my cousin Jon and his new wife, Dianne. We wish you a very happy life together.

Mommy and Me on my first Spinning Ride

Mommy looks like a overgrown chipmunk here.

Daddy's Girl

Nice product placement ... you think Coke will send Mommy a check?

Sky loved seeing Scooby-Doo

Six Flags was fun. I hope everyone had a great weekend, we certainly enjoyed ours.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Hang'in with my homies at Meals
(a.k.a. McDonald's, that's what Miss Thang Calls it )

What are they doing over there?

Hey Sky...Why won't you look at Mommy?

Whud'ju say ???

I think its important to pat yourself on the back.

Good Gawd...there is something seriously wrong witchu' !

Like totally!

I am concerned.