Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bumming Around and FFF

Ummm You do not want to come over here toots.

Because its DIRTY, Oh SO DIRTY!

Brody Hang'in out

Brody and Sky Hanging together

What did you say Tanner?

You wanna know what?

What kind of vaccum I have? Well I don't know what a vaccum is and I don't ever want to know :)
(Tanner asks that question to kids when he wants to make friends...How cute is that?)


GG's Dogwood

Aunt Vern and Sky killing ants with chalk

Special Special Times LOL

Sky showing me an ant

Running from Onnie

Hmmm A Pole ( Yikes, LOL)

Look at Me!

Ok I am over It

Shortly after this was taken , Mommy was whacked with the stick and drama ensued!

Looking soooo Guatemalan




EFFIN Gypsy!!! (LOL)


My best girls (and my FFF...I am themeless AGAIN ... Breaking the rules! LOL)


So Stylin'

Sick of Mommy

Oh Dear least Sky looks kinda cute

And we are out. Have a great weekend!


JuJu - said...

how cute is that post?

Makes me miss me Mee ma:)

How are you darlin??????

Anonymous said...

Kelly, you shouldn't have posted these pictures on here. What will people think of us? We look like we belong in the nervous hospital. Jackie called me and couldn't talk because she was laughing too hard. Our reputation is at stake.

Your prashus,

Kathy said...

I love those pictures of you guys dressing up with Sky! It looks like so much fun.

And what a great way to kill ants! Sorry about getting hit with the stick.

Skylar and all her little buddies are just adorable!

bluethenpink said...

Awww my FFF is the one with you and Sky together modeling your babushka's (pronounced baa-boosh-ka a style of polish headwear LOL)
You all look like you are having way to much fun....and those poor ants...what did they ever do to you Sky??? LOL :O)

Sarah said...

Skylie is too cute for words! All of you are so great with her... what fun times!!! She will look back on those and think she has the coolest family evah!!!

Tina said...

You guys crack my ass up! I love the dress up pics and the various stages of "style." Oh and don't you just love getting hit with things. The joys of toddlerhood are immense. Have a GREAT weekend!

Cheri and Jesse said...

Those pictures are GREAT!!!! I think your family and mine could hang!!! Have a great weekend, Kelly!

ClarkFamily said...

What a great post - and I almost spit water out my nose with the vacumn story - now that is how you get the girls ... too cute! Have a great weekend!

Rebekah and Jaden

Samantha said...

That girl is too cute!!

Tricia said...

GREAT pictures!!


♥ Tricia ♥


Dena said...

So FFF is having a ball and that's pretty much what it looks like is happenin' to me!

Young Creations said...

OMG, she is so creative. What a fun spirit. I know you will have a great weekned. Stop by and say hi.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

LOVE the pics! I love that you guys got all dressed up! It looks like so much fun. I am SO jealous of you mom! She looks like so much fun. She left me a comment on my blog, which was so sweet. Tell her thank you! If she ever goes missing I have kidnapped (or is it mothernapped) her and I am making her have fun with Mia and me : )

You guys are too much.

MICHELLE said...


Our Family of 5 said...

Kelly I am telling you she is so darn cute. Her facial expressions crack me up! Happy Friday!

Becca said...

We have something in common - I got whacked by my beautiful princess this week, too. And much drama followed...

Awesome pictures - I love your blog!

Peace and Hugs,

Kristen and the Gang said... always know how to make me laugh...thanks I loved these pics!!!!! I hope your doing well and Sky is just getting so damn big I can't stand it!!!

Robyn said...

Too cute!! Hope you didn't get whacked too hard. That happens at our house quite often and LOTS of drama always follows. :)


Tara said...

I LOVED the babuska party! Can I come play?? I love those half closed eye pics of Sky. I get a ton of those and they crack me up!

Next time my ice cream truck comes, I'll look for the one with the bubblegum toe and take a pic for ya!

PS....Your mom's comment me pee my pants about the "nervous hospital" HILARIOUS!!!!!

Ruthanne said...

Smart girl playing dumb about the vacuum.

LOVE the dress up pics!!

Katie said...

I love Skylie in pigtails !! How Fun!!