Monday, May 5, 2008

I Seen Sheema

Gotta love it!

Look Mommy an ant

Its creeping and crawling

Skylie Butt, going in for a closer look

We got this book in the mail today( Thanks Cousin Pat)
Look closely...girl, sidewalk chalk, bunny

Girl,sidewalk chalk, Bubby

Skylie butt

I detect a Lil' attitude


Finally a face to go with the name!

Hello my Darl'in

How do you do?

Lovely Jewelry

I tip my hat to you.

Where's Skylar?


No panty girls today...obviously! LOL


JuJu - said...

She is so beautiful Kel:)

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

She is so cute out there playing with her sidewalk chalk. I got Mia some, but all she wants to do it eat it, maybe next year. LOVE that Sky got the potty thing stuck on her head. She looks a little freaked out. Did you help her or did you put her to bed with it on her head : ) ?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love the first one, and the how do you do one best. They are so cute!
Happy Cinco Di Mayo!
Your favorite panni girl

Kathy said...

Too cute! Sidewalk chalk is so much fun. I love the little footprints. Nice idea!

Be careful with the potty thing! My nephew got his stuck on his head and it took almost an hour and a lot of baby oil to get it off! My sister didn't even get a picture.

bluethenpink said...

OMG!!! I can soooooo see the potty stuck on her head pic blown up life size and stuck on the garage wall at her graduation party!!! LOL!!! Tooooooo stinkin' funny!! :O)

Carrie said...

How adorable and beautiful. They are so funny and fun to be with!

Heidi said...

HA! The toilet seat ones are classic. Ones to break out for the future boyfriends. Oh my, thanks for the laugh!

Dena said...

We have that same dora seat! heee - IF she drew Sheema - then she is very talented! Sooo cute!

Tracey said...

Lovin Skylie butt!

Amy said...

The potty seat stuck on her head is have great black mail photos on your hand!!!

Samantha said...

That girl is too cute-love the last pic!

Hannah said...

Your daughter is adorable, I LOVE the last picture that is pretty funny.

Thank you for the kind comments on my blog!

Keep in touch.

Michele said...

DUDE! The potty hat is SO WRONG!!

(and so funny)

And man, Sky is getting SO gorgeous. :-)

Sarah said...

OMG! She is TOO CUTE! I always love all her cute little outfits and I just love the cute denim capris (where did you get them?)! Love her "necklace"... I am "crack"ing up!!!