Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prayers for Orphans

I copied and pasted this directly from Julia : For more info click on her name

National Day Of Prayer
for the
Orphans of Guatemala
We have a responsibility as parents and believers to continue to go to God for those still in the adoption process and for the children that do not yet have families.
I ask each of you to join with me in an all day time of prayer. It does not matter where you are or what you are doing, you can pray however you chose to. Silently as you work, Loudly as you vacuum or softly as your rock your sweet Guatemalan gift.
I come to you with a serious drive to gather as many willing hearts as I can to join together to lift up the families still waiting to bring their babies home and to also lift ALL of the children in Guatemala trapped in this mess needing so desperately to be loved, held and HOME with a family!!!!

On a lighter note please go here: To Congratulate Kerri and Ruby on their new family member!


Kerri said...

Thanks!!! I'm so excited (and slightly freaked out)!
See you soon!
Kerri and Ruby

JuJu - said...

thanks so much Kelly - Love you girl!

Cheryl, said...

Praying for all these children and families.