Thursday, June 5, 2008

Park Plus Panera Plus Park Equals PLENTY of FFF: Disorderly Conduct

My Climatis ...This word makes me laugh thinking of my holiest of holies

Hua ha ha Hua ha ha (Evil laugh)

Sliding down the tunnel...Mommy almost got stuck in here earlier, I wish she would have then we could have called the fire department and got it on video and we could Lof and Lof and Lof (laugh when Skylar is feeling British)



Sky in the Sky

Oh No You Di' int (didn't) !!!!! Getting her Latina on

Cool Tricks Cool tricks ( We love Yo Gabba Gabba)

Tiny Girl In a Big Ole Chair


FFF: I see Mars, I see France

I see Some Ladies Underpants!

Blow'in In The Wind


Girl in The Park

Making friends

Gossip Girl

Yeah I think I am gonna get a tat right here

Mommy why you gotta be all up in my business!


Anonymous said...

What a good picture of your clitmatus! I love the pics of Skylar on the swings and at the park making friends. What park is that? And why you gotta be all up in her biniss?


Kerri said...

I miss that girl. (But - I made reservations for MoGuat today. We'll see how Medina's adjusting.
Kerri and Ruby

colefamily said...

Darling Dress Sklar!! Looks like you had fun at the park and the wading pool!! She has the cutest facial expressions----
Happy Weekend!!

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!! Skylar is a doll!!


Tina said...

She is so animated just like her mommy! Love her showing off her undies. Lili is always doing that but it's to eat her dresses lol

Cheryl, said...

You are so FUNNY! Been checking on yall jus thave not had time to comment (month end). Love the pics and the captions. Have a GREAT Weekend.

Kathy said...

Great pics! Sky looks like she loves the swing...have her talk to John and tell him it is fun! My favorite pic is in the fountain by herself. She is just too cute!

Leslie said...

What a doll baby!!!

Heidi said...

She makes me laugh!

Kelly said...

OMG I love that little dress on her. I got my bigger girls the bikini in the print but I love how the dress looks on Skylie!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love the dress! and why do all Panera's look the same inside. Were people looking at you funny when you were taking her pics inside Panera? especially her lifting her skirt? She is a doll : )

Jaime Salas said...

I LOVE the high flying swing photo's! Too Cute!!! I can't even type the name of your "flower" without giggling. :)

bluethenpink said...

I love the "flying" pic's those are great!! When are you ever gonna learn to stop gettin' all up in her bin'ess LOL!!! You're so funny!!

Samantha said...

That girl has attitude!=)

Anonymous said...

Such cute pics...where is this cute little fountain at?


Jillicious said...

Your post ALWAYS make me SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to catch up during the week and read them all... I always giggle!

She is just a BEEEE-U-TEE-FUL girlie!