Wednesday, June 18, 2008

T... U... S... is BAD

Ummmmm Mom, I need my floaties.

I said where are my floaties ????

I hate adult swim.

Your Funny !!!!

I am sleepy.

Wher's my "crew" ?

I'm gonna give this a whirl.

And Mommy didn't think I could do it. HA

Seriously where are my peeps ?

Chill'in with the BFF

2 Lil' heads popping out

Look how cute they are

You are my sunshine !!!!

That's better... Damn sun in my eyes.


Max'in and Re'laxin

So what'chu what'chu what'chu want... ( anybody remember that song?)

Table for 4 ........NOW !!!!

C'mon Julia ...let's go

Mommy I think I scared her?

Total BFF's and so so cute

Skylar woke up today and said, "T...U...S... is bad." What the hell is TUS? Any ideas?


Lilysmom said...

I have no idea but don't they say the funniest things. Lily's newest is calling everyone a silly goose.

Tina said...

No clue! She is TOO funny! Love all the pics and isn't she a good climber. Hopefully it won't be too deathly hot when we come so we can play outside. But I'm not holding my breath. lol
Oh and it's hard to forget a song that annoying.

Becca said...

I remember that song!!

Terrific pictures - love her and her crew!

T...U...S... - no idea, but maybe one of our creative blogger buddies will figure that one out.

Peace and Hugs,

colefamily said...

I love the photo with her giving her friend a hug! Enjoy the sunshine!!!
Christine and Gretchen

bluethenpink said...

OMG you all look like your havin sooooooo much fun!! I love that park wish we had one like that close to us! It looks so cool! :O) Gotta love the pool on those crazy hot days!

Beverly said...

Whatever her dream was! Love the commentary as usual.

Kathy said...

Too cute! Glad Sky found her peeps!

Could TUS be Toys R Us?? Not that I would think any child would think that place is bad. Just a thought!