Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged and Some Funny

I have been tagged by Robyn.

Ten Years Ago... I was working as a vet tech at Dunn Road Animal Hospital for Dr. Willenbrink (best vet ever) and was planning my wedding to Ralphie.

5 Things on today's To Do List: Hee Hee Hmmmm well today I didn't do much of anything. However Sky pooped and peed on the potty. The pee is a huge HOORAY! I still need to throw some laundry in and did clean up but you can't tell because shit is all ovewr the house yet AGAIN. Ahhh the woes of motherhood. LOL

Snacks I enjoy....As of late I am enjoying my strawberry smoothies made with this stuff from Costco. Its Super Delish. I also love me Frozen Cherry Fanta after I walk for 4+ miles...yeah I know kinda defeating the purpose.

How funny is it that ICE T is on Family Fued? Oh God so is Joan and Melissa Rivers, but who cares about them.

Things I'd Do If I was A Millionaire... I would share the wealth with the fam and several friends. I would buy some beach property. I would adopt immediately, probably several times. I would give alot to Mayan Families, Lupus Research, and Cancer Research as well.

I am tagging the following victims (LOL):

Cheri (Chrissi's Mom), Holly, Gwen and Kathy

Now Some Funny:
Today we were going over our colors and Sky said "Yellow ...like your teeth." Thanks now I feel like I should go buy some Crest White Strips just to get the ball roll'in.

We were talking about our upcoming Vaca to FL and she says" We're gonna shop like Indians." Hmmm Yeah I just looked at her like she had 3 heads and we both ended up laughing.

Ralph has taught her to say ...Mother Poo-diddy and Son of a Birdy. Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Yeah makes me wanna kick his ass.

We went out to eat last night waiting on our food and all of a sudden she starts laughing. "What are you laughing at?" I asked. "I farted", isn't she just such a little lady?

We went to visit our newest member of the hood, Charley (Charlotte) who was born almost 2 weeks ago and she pooped. She said "Baby Charley was crying cause she pooped her pants and Matt was changing her and it was dagusting" I almost peed my pants listening to the drama.


Cheryl, said...

That was so funny. Where in FL are you going? Sky is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Funny funny stuff!
Lupita the Lurker

Heidi said...

I just love the things kids say! Ralph is teaching her some funny stuff!

colefamily said...

I could have a list a mile long what my child comes up with! Their imaginations are working overtime--its a laugh a minute at our house!!

Tracey said...

Sky cracke me up! I have to meet you guys:)

Robyn said...

I just love all the Skylie-isms!! Kids say the funniest things!!


Kathy said...

Isn't this a great age?! John cracks me up so much lately. They copy everything! Love that she laughed at farting.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Mia laughs when she farts too....Jenny taught her that! I love that Sky said yellow like your teeth! too funny!