Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are You Still Here?

Checking Up on Aunt Vern Monday

You need a Shot

What's Whiskey?

Take A Deep Breath Please

Are you better yet?

So So Cute

So ...Did you see my ring yet?

Its Green and Sparkly ands gots Flowers on Dare(there)

Ummm I Don't Know

Skylie Butt Looking out the Window

Hands on Her Hips (Sorta)

She loved performing for all the other crazies at the doctor.

Bubby needs carrots STAT!!!!!

Marching to get carrots !

She loved Trader Joes' but soon after these were taken the dramz came. I couldn't touch her cart, she wouldn't let me put my stuff in there and she almost dumped the cart and groceries on top of her. Fun Non Stressful Times for ALL !!!!! LOL

But she is so beautiful.

That I don't remember all that Sassiness.

Busy Bee

I love you so much!

I know that I am a GOOD Mom when I look at what a wonderful little person she is becoming.

My Eye... LOL I am not sure why

Getting and Giving some Betty Love.

Shocked and apalled at my greatness!

I have chocolate on my face..don't I?

What'Chu Talk'in Bout Onnie ?

Blogger Buds: A girl couldn't ask for such wonderful friends she has never met. Thank you for all your virtual hugs. You ROCK. I am feeling better...less alone. Its good to know I can GET REAL and you will still be my friends. Anyway I love every single one of you, whether we talk on the phone, in person, or on the computer.


Tracey said...

Right back at cha! Miss sassy pants ROCKS! I love her!!!

Cheryl, said...

You are so sweet. If you ever need to talk just let me know. Love the new pics.

Leslie said...

OMG she has the best cheeks..I could squeeeeeze them!!! What a angel!!!
My kids are my everything too!!! Thank GOD for them..I love your daughters clothes! Did someone make the polka dot dress for her?? I love unique kids clothes!!!!


Kecia said...

I love the shot of her toothy grin with the hair in her face, left of center...beautiful. That is one you should blow up and frame and put on the wall! GORGEOUS

Getting real..being real..the only way to go!

Kathy said...

Great pics as always!! Love the Customer in Training sign! You are a nice Mommy I won't let him walk around the grocery store unless it is for just a few things. Nor do I let him ride those cars. Yes, I am a mean Mommy. John has been "sassy" lately too. Further proof that they are communicating online to torment us. Not fun times!!

Tara said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL pics! But that Willis shot rocks! :)