Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Day of the Monkey Demands Your Attention

I Love this Place !!!!

Look at the goofy look on her face.

That's her feet in the air. She loved Face Diving in the pool.

BFF 's with Mr.S in the background

Do You Miss Ella Solemnly Swear to Tell the Truth?

She ran She ran so far away

Where's Skylar?

Look Mom Blocks


AWWWWWE Hellllllllllll No !!!! Not gonna do it !

I am not "monkeying around".

She won an Emmy nod for this performance.

Well it does say Do Not Enter

Hey Mom Check this out...

Soooo my birthday is in October ( Hint Hint )

Ella's like "Oh God , Here we go again ."LOL

See Sky Run and Run and Run

Bouncing in the Pretend Pool

Divas in Training


And the Oscar goes to .......

Peek A Boo

Monkey Joe's ROCKS my SOCKS !!!!!

Look at ME!!!!


OMG She's gonna eat my hand.

Oh Yeah, she just wanted her chip. LOL

Rock Climbing

Getting a Lil' help from Daddy.

Look what I can do .


I YI YI Its HOT up in here !!!

Look at Me !!!!

So Skylar is Stewart from Mad TV. I am sure you are familar. Its pretty damn funny. Look at Me , Look what I can do, So on and So on. She is such a character...just like her mother. LOL

We also took Sky to see Space Chimps. It was pretty cute. Hence the day of the monkey. Have a GREAT Saturday!!!!


Jaime Salas said...

She is soo going to eat her hand! ;)

Hilarious as alway!

Tracey said...

I want to jump around and play like that, so fun!! The Diva is as gorgeous as ever!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the looks she has. Too cute!

Our Family of 5 said...

lmfao!! That picture of her feeding the little girl just cracks me up!! I spit my tea out all over my computer when I seen it!

Sky is as beautiful as always. I love all her pictures. Sorry I haven't commented. I check your blog daily but have been crazy busy with root canals and crowns and that makes for a long day.


Anonymous said...

She is sooooooo sooooooo cute (a thousand exclamation points)

colefamily said...

SKYLAR IS CUTE AS ALWAYS! LOOKS LIKE A few photos of Gretchen I took this week tooo--at the park on the slide-on the corkscrew bars climbing and the rock wall---you will have to look at my blog in a few days it will take me that long to put them on---the bounce place looks so fun---WISH WE COULD COME FOR HER BIRTHDAY---Gretchie is already talking about her birthday October 7th!!Skylar is so sweet ---

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Wow! That place looks awesome and Sky maked everything look like fun! How could you not watch everything she does, as long as she doesn't start wearing whitie tighties I think you are ok!

Kathy said...

That place looks like a blast!!! Sky is too cute. I do have to point out that you did not caption the "Skylie Butt" picture as usual.

Love the DRAMA pictures. They are too funny, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

That pic cracks me up of Sky's expression when feeding Julia a chip!! LOL