Sunday, July 20, 2008

My "Awesome Monster" Cam Download

These were taken in May at Onnie's

Kissing Josie through the fence

Awesome pic...awesome camera

So Serious

I make this face when I don't really know where I am going ...She does too

Smelly Pirate Hooker

Cute Bird Houses

Cute Girl by pretty purple flowers

The "Look"


Baby Footprint

The "I'm gonna shove that thing up your ass" Look

GG's Girl

Gram / GG

Looks like rain

What ...Is Skylie Sleeping?

Go Away I am too.


The 2 Most Important People in My World

So "Clooney-Esque"

Love her pursed little lips


The Gateway to the know you want one for your city ...Holly...Michele

And We used to have this but Effin' In-Bev just bought them... we got a really COOL Zoo, Jersey Bitches LOL

So I am in love with this camera and have taken it over. I feel like a professional , its freakin' AWESOME !!! You know how I take my camera everywhere I go so now I need a bigger purse. LOL I hope my muse will only make me a better photographer. I could really get into this. Yay ! So anyway that's what's up with me. Oh and this medicine sucks so I quit taking it. I have had a hangover for a week and probably slept half of it away. I am done with it . I'll call Dr.Quackerson tomorrow to give me something else. LOL


Type (little) a said...


I've actually been to the St louis arch and the zoo!

When I was a little girl I lived in Kansas City.

Leslie said...

That girl is 100% beautiful! I love the pics of her and her Granny!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics as usual, hope the doc hooks ya up with somethin betta!


DJ Holly Rock said...

GIRL!!! I know you are not calling me a JERSEY bitch!!! You better watch it cause I can be a SC bitch, too. You know what I mean???

Well anyways, I'm glad you have a zoo.


Tracey said...

Woowhoo! I love the pics! Sky's striped shirt is so cute:) I love girl clothes!

Tina said...

Sky is adorable as always.

Lilysmom said...

I love the many expressions of Sky. Espescially the serious I may kick your booty. I too am familiar with that expression.

Heidi said...

I SO love reading the captions!

Robyn said...

What cute pics!! I love "the look" one!! :)


Our Family of 5 said...

Everytime I think that sweet baby girl can't get any more beautiful, then I see new pictures. Tell me about the camera. Loving the picture quality.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

So sorry about the meds, maybe if you got a doc who's name wasn't quackerson you'd have better luck : )

Sky is so cute....those pics are from May? It seems as if her hair has grown quite a bit. So jealous - Mia's hair grows so slow. Love the gonna shove this up your ass look!

Sarah said...

Ok Kelly... I just caught up on the last few posts... first, Skylie is too incredibly gorgeous for words... but your words effin make me spit my diet Coke sitting here in my office reading them!

You and Holly are going to be too cool to hang with in MB! I want my room between the two of you! That will be one rockin place!! LOL!

Becca said...

You crack me up! AND you have the most beautiful daughter (well, so do I!) I want to go to GF!!!

Peace and Hugs,