Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rock On Dude and FFF: Bedhead

Getting down with her bad self.

Oh yeah I rock!!!

Rock On DUDES !!!

"Bang on the drum all day"

"And she bangs, she bangs" LOL

Went shopping in the living room.

Dancing with her fingers

Slow Song

Apparently a Sad Slow Song

Drunk ...Again LOL

Stoned ... Again LOL

"Now let me see that Tootsie Roll"

So Serious

Skylie Butt

Lulu : "What the hell?"

Swing those beads love.

FFF: BedHead to participate Click HERE

New Skylar-isms of the Week:

"Rock On Dude"

Putting a finger in each nostril and saying she is like Aunt Judy (who is on oxygen)Don't worry Aunt Judy thinks this is funny.

Mommy snuggle wit-me.

And I think I am officially just "Mom" which makes me a little sad.



Jenny said...

Too cute! I get a kick out of your sayings. LOVE the finger in nostril, something Marissa would do.

Cheryl, said...

So cute. You surely brighten my day with these adorable posts and funny captions. Where is the link to FFF? Have a great weekend.

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Too funny!

The fingers in the nostrils is funny.


MICHELLE said...


M & J said...

Adorable!!!! I think the oxygen thing is hilarious and so glad your Aunt does too. Must find the humor in those kind of things!!

I dread becoming just "mom"... I want to be called Mommy forever, but I don't really want my son to be a whipped mommy's boy (well just a little) LOL!!!!

Leslie said...

OMG she parties like a rockstar!!!! That girl rocks!

Have a great weekend,Leslie

Cheri and Jesse said...

Doesn't it suck to go from Mommy to Mom! Cute pictures as always. Rock on Dude!!!!

Becca said...

As usual I am laughing out loud. I love visiting your blog. I need a laugh - thanks. And her Skylie Butt is too cute!

Peace and Hugs,

Little Blue Elephant said...

OMG!! I'm dying laughing! Too funny that girl!

Kerri said...

Love all the pics!!!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

Steph, Rod & Parkersito said...

She is hilarious and your commentary cracks me up!!! Can I add you to my favorite friend blog list???

Anonymous said...

She is soooooo funny and cute(23 exclamation points)
Hiney Joe Wilson

Tracey said...

Ummm, NEVER put just and mom together like that again!(I'm using my "teacher" voice here) There is no such thing! Mom alone means incredible things! You are awesome! At least she doesn't call you bit@h :) Hee hee! LOL!

LOVE all the usual you crack me the f up!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Where do you come up with this stuff? You are too much! Sky is really cute playing that guitar!

Oh my, I never thought just mom would be sad, but I now see it is! I called my mom - mommy and still do!

Heidi said...

What a cutie! Emmi switches off between calling me Mom, Mommy, and Mama, so don't get too sad. I'm sure "Mommy" will come back! I love that she puts her fingers up her nose for the oxygen. That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute! Ya know they have areally cute Yo Gabba Gabba guitar at Target!! Her pics made me think of that!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's from me above...lololol


Leslie said...

I'm tagging you with the "Brilliant Weblog Award"!! Go to my blog to see what to do.

Our Family of 5 said...

Leslie beat me to it, I tagged you with the Brilliant Weblog Award too!!

Loving all the Sky pictures. She really does rock out like a Super Star.

Sarah said...

Love your crazy Skylie and can't wait to meet both of you at Gfest! The fingers up the nose comment cracks me up!!

Robyn said...

These pics and captions are hilarious!! :)


Tara said...

Dude (and I say "dude" a lot around here) that is so flippin' precious! I'll tell you, Skylie has it all: Cuteness and a personality to match :)

Beverly said...

great pics. I have recently become mom with the singsong frustrated teenage voice. Not happy that it is coming from the 4year old.

Kathy said...

Love rock star Sky!! Adorable!!

John is calling me Mom now too. Unless he really wants something and then he uses Mommy. No flies on him!!

Anonymous said...

Such a nice round ass to fuck