Monday, July 7, 2008

That's A Whole Lotta Pics

Good Morning Sunshine ( notice the paranormal activity above her... WEIRD)

Surfer Girl

Modeling...She is so full of it !

Hello Michael !!!! (He is her new imaginary boyfriend, I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.)

My Close - Up Series:

Ralphie Looking Studly

Uncle JeeeeF or Jeffie questioning my sanity

Anna Banana Studying for the Tweezer Exam

Eyes of an Angel

My Dad

The Look

Skylar Faces:

Nice Face

Fake Laugh

Sweet Face


My Rock'in Fam

Skylie Butt

Pawpaw's Buddy

I would Like the Cheese Quesadilla

And for you to STOP

Uh Huh Mommy was right

I was a TAD sleepy

The Sanibel 7-11 Hobo whose pic never came out...Exhibit 2 of Paranormal Activity

Let's Bail



Checking out the ocean finds

Riding the waves with Pawpaw and Onnie (who owes me bigtime for not posting her close-up that I love )

SAUSAGE PIZZA - a wave game that was absolutley hysterical ...for Pawpaw and Sky, no one else gets it LOL This is my new fave pic

Another new fave...Daddy's Girl

Family PO-Trit as Ralphie says

Walking with Pawpaw and Uncle Jeffie

Lov'in her Uncle and Godfather

Pawpaw will protect me

At the Parade

Watching and Waiting

I thought this was cool.

I was feeling REALLY dehydrated but patriotic none the less.

This little lady loves swimming.

A Ukrainian...LOL Pawpaw your funny.

The Beach

Swim like a fish

Where's Onnie?

I love these floaties. And this little girl.

Don't Tell.LOL

baby Lizard that Onnie and Pawpaw slept with...the Mama was being camera shy.

Onnie being frisked.She is the typical Terrorist.

You can kind of see her ring that is actually a toe ring but is adjustable. She has only taken it off maybe twice since we bought it. I bought her some more just in case. She really had fun at "Snake House" (Thank God there were only lizards) and keeps asking to go back. I think she misses all her roomates too. Lizards and ants included.LOL
I will post pics of our visit with Aunt Vern later. She is feeling really good and she looks great too. It made me feel better about the whole situation.
And a GIGANTIC CONGRATS TO HEIDI ....Go Congratulate her because JAKE IS OUT!!!!!!! Sorry I am a day LATE but who cares JAKE IS OUT!!!!!!


Tracey said...

Great pics...looks like a great time!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love all the pics and epspecially the Sky butt!

You all look so happy and like you had a good time. You and Sky are so lucky to have such a great family and I am a bit jealous!

Is Sky reading about Brittney Spears?

So glad Aunt Vern is doing good.

Tina said...

Love all the pics! Looks like you had a great time.

DJ Holly Rock said...

Dude girl!!! I love Skylie's smile!!! I'm gonna try and call this week...I'm buried in bows, ya know.


Tara said...

OMG! Vacation looks sooooo good! And thank you for making me laugh with your funnies (Donax & that old queen). Skylie is the real beauty queen on that beach beee-ach!