Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Benny ... It Ain't Over Til Its Over

We're going where?

Holy Shit!!!!

The Wiggles The Wiggles

This is my Chipmunk Face

Cool Ad for a New Vision of St.Louis ... Good Luck

This is Union Station... I Think... LOL

Why are we here ?

These women DID NOT have kids with them LOL
Anthony Fan Club ?

Why is the security guard holding this child on a leash?

OMG There coming on stage, How cute is Ralph ?

We were both tearing up cause Sky was sooooooooo excited!!!

I want a Big Red Car


Daddy's gettin' into it too! ShhShhShh

Murray getting close.

Murray shaking Skylar's hand but of course I am still zoomed in and...

OMG I think I have a new crush!!!

And its defintely not Jeff

Toby is serious about his Wiggles


G---A---W---D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A perfect shot at the package...I couldn't get my dam stilletto off fast enough!!!!

She really really got a kick out of the show

I kept looking over and she was just giggling her head off!

Lili taking it all in.

Skylar dancing in the aisle.

She was kind of getting into it and then she was told to GET OUT OF THE AISLE!!!! For her safety , of course :) She was pissed.

What up, muscle man?

Very Impressive

Looks like Lili and I have the same crush. This child is breathtaking by the way.

Toby chill'in on the floor.

Benny your an ASS!

This is the Wiggles' security guard. LOL Looks like he loves his job !!LOL

Mommy I can't believe this!

This is AWESOME!!!!

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

OMG I love him as much as Ralph does !!!!! LOL

This dude cracks me up too!!!!

You are one lucky bastard, its a good thing that security guard was right there.

Yeah you bastard, My mom means business!!!!

SO So Cute!!!!Love them!!!!

Daddy I am getting sleepy.

1st attempt

Well we are all looking up. Look at Miss Attitude

A pretty pic of St.Louis... who'd a thunk it?

She smoked too much pot at the concert LOL


Sarah (Baby Charley's Mom~ go show some love) and Sky Doorbell Dashing Joe and Bethany's House


Laughing a little like Ray Liotta

Her "Oh Shit" Bethany's not amused face


Price is Right Modeling the couch?

Sitting on my legs.

Help I'm all discombobulated!!!!! I'm all backwards and shit! LOL

Today Skylie woke me up to tell me that Lucy is a rockstar. LOL

I am still Mom with the occasional Mommy. I am so happy. LOL

In fact I am "The best Mommy in the WHOLE LIFE WORLD." How cute is that?



Anonymous said...

OMG! We love her sooooo much!!!! When we saw the picture of Ralph all emotional looking at how happy Skylar is, we both teared up. We are hopelessly in love. Bless her little heart, she had such a good time. Love, Love, Love It!!!!!!

Ima Turd

Leslie said...

IM happy to say that Abby doesnt like the wiggles..She loves Yo Gabba Gabba so whenever they come i guess i have to go through that torture too! LOL Im sure it helped that one of the guys was HOTTTT! LOL Not the guy with the small package!!!! Sky is just sooo damn funny!!!

colefamily said...

Sorry I have not commented lately on your posts---she is cute as always and so reminds me of my angel!! G thinks Skylar is her everytime she looks at a photo. You need another Guatemalan sister or brother for Skylar? Thanks for keeping up with my so called boring blog without photos---I am sooo having withdrawals from posting pictures!

Steph, Rod & Parkersito said...

Kelly, you crack me up sooo much! I laugh outloud everytime I read your posts!!!! I can't believe you took a pic of that dude's package!!!!!
It is so fun to take our kids to these events...I remember tearing up once with Parker at Thomas the Tank Engine. Can't wait to meet you next week. Although, I might pee my pants laughing!

Tracey said...

Oh boy! Those Wiggles are somethin!! And the tights guy, EWWWWWWWW!I may have nightmares! BUT to see Sky's face light up to see all of them...priceless! LOVE HER and her MOMMY!

Our Family of 5 said...

I have a total Wiggles fan here! Sophia wakes up saying "WIGGLES" and goes to sleep saying "WIGGLES Morning" It put a huge smile on my face seeing Sky's excitement. Sophia wouldn't be able to contain herself.

As for Gymboree. Oh My gosh! I bought sooo much too! Frank would kill me if he knew exactly how much. LOL. We won't tell him..LOL

I did buy fall stuff though, so I was thinking ahead..Hee Hee!

Tracey said...

Feb 13th. When is yours?

Tracey said...

Awww yeah! Come see us. We can shop...party...WHATEVER! The hubs can fly a kite for all I care:)LOL

I LOVE birthday cake! AND we could have Bithday Pie too!!!

I am serious, come see us!! We can have Febrfest:)

Anonymous said...

Kell, I am cracking up at your Wiggles post. I have been in lust with Anthony secretly now for 7 years, when Beta was into them. I actually had FREE tickets from Bill's work but didn't even go. I totally wish I knew you were going, I could have got you in on that. But it looks like you had some pretty good seats anyway!!
Love that Captain Feathersword too. He sooo funny!
So cute how WE get all emotional when we see how much our kids are enjoying things. I almost bawled at Sesame Street Live back when the girls saw them for the first time. It was so cute, but I probably looked psycho!!!
Kath & Bro

Becca said...

Oh my - Ella would poop her pants if she saw the Wiggles in concert. But there is no danger of that because I am not a good mommy when it comes to Wiggles Concerts. Love the pic of Skylie high after the show. Lay off the weed!!

Peace and Hugs,

Tina said...

Thanks SO much....we had a BLAST!!!! So sad we couldn't hang out longer since we had to be on the road. Here's to next time....and if you ever want to head east, just let me know.

Cheryl, said...

So adorable. I love all the pics. The wiggles came here to, but it was at night and too hard for me to do by myself. I may attempt Elmo. Let me know if you go to that one and how it is.

Take Care,

Anna said...

UHHH yah that wasn't Union Station smarty pants,that would be City Hall....did ya see any trains around it???? Duhhh!.....when are we gonna see each other again....I need my Kelly time!

Amy said...

OMG...the captions to your photos have me rolling on the floor laughing. You are SOOOO funny. Brayden and Layna have never been exposed to the Wiggles, but it looks like your little one LOVES them!

Great pics!

Kathy said...

Love the pics of Skylar at the Wiggles! She looks like she loved the concert. And she looks adorable in her Wiggles shirt!

But I think you totally could have taken that security guard to get to Benny. The guy looked half asleep! And I wonder if Benny is a - paid really well; b - lost a bet to someone; c - sleeping with Anthony; or d - just really likes to look like an idiot!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

You are soo freaking funny! I love how much Sky loved it and that Ralph teared up when he saw how much she loved it. He is such a sweetie. Is he coming to Guatoberfest too?

I LOVE all the pics and your stinking captions are too much. You are the best Mommy in the whole life world - I bet!

Anonymous said...

Your pics are great! Loved them as usual! Ugh, Benny makes me hurl and those tights...WTF? Not child friendly!!! LMAO
Hmm and stilettos, huh? Were you trying to be all sexed up for Anthony?? Dont be tryin to steal my man! LOL