Sunday, August 10, 2008

Girls Being Girly Girls

Teags, Quit getting emotional , its only Claire's!!!

Its just bracelets!

Sky~What do you mean put 'em back?
Teaghan~LET"S Go ...I'M OVER IT!

She is seriously obsessed with oral hygiene

"Yeah she is a sconche obsessed."

Do I frighten you?


Laying out on the slide.

Such Beauty.

Can I put water and crickets and grass and a bunch of other stuff in here?

Oh Sorry I already did. LOL

The IronBaby Challenge

And the pass.

Oh Mommy!

The hose is always fun.

Even when this happens.

She loved it.

What's happening?




Shrieking in excitement!

Holy Shit Dude, You totally made me go deaf in my one ear.LOL

This is what a mouthful of cheese looks like.

Giggley Baby Girl Butts!

Uh Huh...Picking her teeth.

Look you have a boo boo.


Such a sweetie!

Do my pits stink?


Kisses Girlfriend!


Let's shake on it.

What'chu say? No... What'CHU say?

Running Naked

Some more Giggling!

Do these goggles make my head look big?

What up Homies?



A pretty picture to leave you with...Why???? Because I can that's why. LOL

We had a blast but I am so tired. Too much chit chat and catching up. My dad picked me up at 6 am yea 6 in the morning to go to the flea market. It was fun...well very interesting ...many many characters. I love to people watch. Who DOESN"T ????? Anyway I bought a FAKE Dooney & Bourke purse so that was totally worth missing out on sleep.


Cheryl, said...

You are so funny. The pics are adorable as always. Sky is such a character. Have a great week.

jill marie said...

I love seeing those girls having so much fun! Again, SO expressive with her face! I love it!

Leslie said...

God Bless those fake purses..My fake Burberry rocks! LOL

thos are some cute girls at your house! I wish i could be confident enough to run around naked but it would make my kids go blind! ewwww

Tracey said...

Awww, I love Sky kissing her friend's boo-boo! So sweet! My g-pa use to take us to the flea market, characters is putting it nicely:) People watching is my hobby!

bluethenpink said...

OMG I love naked butts!!!! LOL that is too funny....let's talk about blackmail photos!!! LOL

Super de duper cuties there!! :O)

Our Family of 5 said...

You know I love Skylar's expression and It always puts a smile on my face reading your commentary too. I totally heart the picture of Sky kissing the boo boo!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Looks like the girls had a great time together! I love the giggling pictures and the kissing boo boo one too - that Sky is so sweet. love your artsy pics too!

PS so glad you are staying an extra day too in Myrtle Beach!

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!! Looks like they had a great time together!!


Beverly said...

OMG you are soo funny!

jeff soboleski said...

Such cute butts

Anonymous said...

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