Monday, September 29, 2008

Dollar Store Fun

My little white trash baby doll.

She's got her baby and her stylin' heart pillow purse, and that bitch'in hat.


Picking out a card for the boss.

She set the baby up right in the middle of the aisle.

She wouldn't wait until we got home soooo she licked the water-less pen instead.

Kinda reminds me of the kid on A Christmas Story, you know the one who gets his tongue stuck on the pole.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Onnies',Kate and Monkey Butt

This is Black Betty.

She is as quirky as Lucy.

This is Mr.Kitty.

This is Sky walking away from him because he's not the nicest cat on the planet.

"Blow Me" what she said to Mr.Kitty when he wouldn't play with her. LOL

Pretending to suck on a pretend binky.

Acting all sweet and innocent. And so full of shit.

Acting like a crying baby who lost her pretend binky.

Still at it.

The baby is better now.

Here she is smoking the binky, out on the back porch just like GG. Thanks GG

Or like her mother on girls' nite out. LOL

BAD MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just looking pretty in her HollyG dress that barely fits her anymore.



Hi Kate!

Stink Eye

Pouty Bubble Butt

Hee Hee Bubble Butt

Oh Dear God The DRAMA

Laughing at herself because she is a drama queen.

Flash forward 15 years and she's drunk at a party and saying "I'm NUMBER ONE! "

Mums....Happy Freaking Fall its 1000 degrees outside :)

Looking all angelic again...thank God, I couldn't get that drunk picture outta my head.

Miss Ella


Channeling Ed Grimley

Girls RULE

It Stinks

Yeah , like poo.

Oh its the penguins and puffins. PEEEE-UUUU

Our monkey friend with his blanket again.

Scared shitless and let's get outta here look.

:) Have a great weekend!!!! Happy Birthday to Ralphie tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No I Didn't Quit Blogging, I Took A Brief Vaca

So did everybody miss me or what?

Oh Yeah I know you did.

We went to the park on Sunday with my Pawpaw and Onnie.

PawPaw your so funny like my Daddy,

You crap my nuts off ! (Yes she actually said that...LOL)

Outline of Miss Skylie.

This is Mommy, I haven't looked that good in a long time.

Sooooo Whaty'ya think?

We went to GG's too.

The city is tearing her street apart...

Its making her crazy.

We hung out with friends.


I cuddled with my Daddy.

Dr. Tutu Isuckedthisonmyface

Sky being nice.

Kate reading after lunch.

This is nuts!


Do it like this Kate.

I know she's NOT telling me what to do!

For chrissakes somebody get the ball!

I'll get it.

Skylar NOT letting Kate get the ball.

Being told by Daddy to share...She is shocked by this.

Me...Share????? Hell no.

Sky must have put Kate in a timeout ...AGAIN.

In trouble...AGAIN.

I can play with the ball now?

I am not gonna let that bitch have the ball again! LOL

On a serious note my faithful readers please please please go HERE and think about making a donation. There is such great need for the children in Guatemala. Think about our Sky and if she had not been one of the fortunate ones to be adopted.