Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crafty BooBoos

So my Babydoll, Nayna is really really sick.

OMG She has booboos everywhere.Mommy said she could
use a Mr.Clean Eraser to make them go away.

So I got this out of my toyroom. ( Isn't she observant?)

I got my craft on and made these for the girls.

So yeah....I already used this picture.

Can you IMAGINE? (LOL)

Put the damn camera down and nobubby gets hurt!

DAMMIT she found me, I thought hiding behind the Doritos was a sure thing.

I know ...I'm saving it for later.

Your GROSS!!!!!!



Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

That poor doll. What has Sky done to it?!? She is so stinking cute!

Robyn said...

Too cute!! I used to color on my dolls when I was a kid, too. :)


Our Complete Family said...

OMG~ You are a RIOT! I loved reading some of your posts this evening! I hopped over from Abby's blog. I see you're in Missouri somewhere~ I'm not far from StL...small world! ~ Les

Leslie said...

Kelly you are tooo funny...Thats why you won the Best blog award...Actually maybe its Sky whos funn!!!

Tina said...

You crack me up! Daivd was the one who would destroy my dolls. In fact he decapitated one, poor dolly. Love the tables!

Kathy said...

What a little smarty for getting her eraser out!! Did you manage to save the doll?? I love the last picture with Sky laughing. Pure happiness!

Very impressed with the crafts! I'm still working on John's lifebook. I have all the way up to my visit trip! Yeah, should be done by the time he hits college.

Tara said...

Dude, I've totally been getting my craft on too! That's where the hell I've been! I swear that I could commit any crime (Or never pass USCIS again) because I burnt all of my finger prints off with the effen hot glue You are a tutu making goddess!