Monday, September 29, 2008

Dollar Store Fun

My little white trash baby doll.

She's got her baby and her stylin' heart pillow purse, and that bitch'in hat.


Picking out a card for the boss.

She set the baby up right in the middle of the aisle.

She wouldn't wait until we got home soooo she licked the water-less pen instead.

Kinda reminds me of the kid on A Christmas Story, you know the one who gets his tongue stuck on the pole.


Anonymous said...

She's purdy!

colefamily said...

WHAT FUN IS THE DOLAR STORE!! Love her little shopping attire and the doll in the middle of the aisle is so perfect!! Gretchen loves shopping at the dollar store!! The car photos are super cute--were you driving taking pictures?? I admei I snapped a couple photos this weekend while driving down the highway-when you got cuteness in the backseat--QUICK! Grab the camera!!! Christine

Rhonda said...

tooo fun, have to love that dollar store!!!

Lilysmom said...

We have that same bitchin hat! and a train book where some of the pages are upside down. gotta love that store.

Jenne said...

Looks like she had fun!!


Tina said...

I really like the hat! lol

Leslie said...

OMG i love the $ store!!!!!!!!!!!


Heidi said...

Ok, that cracks me up she was licking girl! Emmi loves those things. I love A Christmas Story, we watch it at least a dozen times every Christmas season!

Tracey said...

Can a tan kid be white trash? LOL!I had never been to a dollar store until we moved closer to one...we LOVE it!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

LOVE the dollar store! It's like crack for Mia. She runs around like a banshee pulling everything from the shelves and saying cute to me. I think the workers there cringe when we see us coming in the door!

Sky is super cute with the hat and purse : )

Kathy said...

Skylar is working that hat and purse. We are planning on going to the dollar store tomorrow. I fear what John will pick out!! I love the napkin blanket for her baby...very white trash!