Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No I Didn't Quit Blogging, I Took A Brief Vaca

So did everybody miss me or what?

Oh Yeah I know you did.

We went to the park on Sunday with my Pawpaw and Onnie.

PawPaw your so funny like my Daddy,

You crap my nuts off ! (Yes she actually said that...LOL)

Outline of Miss Skylie.

This is Mommy, I haven't looked that good in a long time.

Sooooo Whaty'ya think?

We went to GG's too.

The city is tearing her street apart...

Its making her crazy.

We hung out with friends.


I cuddled with my Daddy.

Dr. Tutu Isuckedthisonmyface

Sky being nice.

Kate reading after lunch.

This is nuts!


Do it like this Kate.

I know she's NOT telling me what to do!

For chrissakes somebody get the ball!

I'll get it.

Skylar NOT letting Kate get the ball.

Being told by Daddy to share...She is shocked by this.

Me...Share????? Hell no.

Sky must have put Kate in a timeout ...AGAIN.

In trouble...AGAIN.

I can play with the ball now?

I am not gonna let that bitch have the ball again! LOL

On a serious note my faithful readers please please please go HERE and think about making a donation. There is such great need for the children in Guatemala. Think about our Sky and if she had not been one of the fortunate ones to be adopted.



Anonymous said...

You guys crap my nuts off!!!!!!!!


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

So glad you are back! I bet GG is beside herself that they are tearing up her street. Is it all she can talk about?? Old people are so funny like that!

I love the crap my nuts off! Does Sky like Hannah Montana or something?!? She is wearing the shirts or do YOU like Hannah Montana? : ) Whatever it is she sure is a cutie and I can't wait to meet you guys in a few weeks!

Donna said...

Hey - I've been trying to teach Austin and Logan that "suckthisthingontomyface" trick for months - will Sky be giving out lessons? Sign us up! And do you think she'll go for younger men?

LOVE French Skylar from the other post - too Ador-AH-ble!

Tina said...

Goodness, I missed you!!! So glad you are back. Sky cracks my ass up.

Our Complete Family said...

What a riot! Girl, your friends backyard (or is that your backyard?) is a kids much to play on and with!!! Happy fall~ Les

Leslie said...

AWWWWW i love that sky!!!! Oh and baby Katie too!


Leslie said...

OH and Kelly you "Crap my nuts off!" LOL


Valerie said...

I always get such a kick out of your comments!

Our Family of 5 said...

Hell Yes I missed you!! Glad your back. Love Sky's Hannah Montana shirt =)

Tracey said...

You crap my nuts off! That is the funniest thing I have ever heard!! That ggirl is going to have a potty mouth just like her mama and MIL!!

Heidi said...

Love the one of her cuddling with her daddy! Great pics.

Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh, that is way tooooo funny! Love it!!! Gorgeous pictures.

Robyn said...

Too cute!! You always have the best pics with the funniest captions!!