Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Guatoberfest 2008

Ripley's Aquarium

Look I climbed up here!

I look a little crazy!

Perfect pose!


Ummm I don't know about this.

Daddy's Girl

Posing again, its got to be some kind of record.

New friends.

Jumping is fun!!!!

I just a tad tipsy!

Ready or not here I come!!!!
Daddy ... Daddy... Its coming right at us and your too busy pretending to read!!!

What the F$!%#%##????????

Hey that's cold!

Where's Mia?

Look Mom, its soft.
Gusty Winds!

Nice Pool But

Toooooooo COLD!

Who are these Crazy Mommas ???

Its the soccer team, Austin and Logan.
OMG Caleb has Bubby!!!!!

The future mascara Model herself!

Loving her pom poms!

I don't want to share my effin' pom poms!

Woooooooo that was a close one!
Gabriella the Cheerleader!

Miss Ava

Ready???? O K !!!!!
Miss Mia

The stunning lil' peanut Abby Grace

Miss Sofia

Cutie Patootie Caitlin

Ralph's new look, do you love it?
The Horse Races?

hee hee

Showing too much leg.

My fave pic of Austin and Logan.
I wanna ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

Get your hands off my sand toys!!!!
Busy working.

Tutu Butts!

Gotta love the Tutu Suits!

Skylie Butt

On a Mission!


Love this look Abby!
Your goin' in little girl!!!!!

Family pic...Ralph you look good....

What'chu got?

Skylie Butt Again, Sorry it was really cute in this suit!

Attempting to get Sky and Mia together.

Modeling on the steps.

Pretending to be dead on the steps.

This is her Bitch I'm smiling but the jokes on you cause I look crazy face.
Oh No You Didn't Just Take My Picture!

The Happy Couple

I'm thirsty...
Oh Yeah Coffee ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

The Kids playing nice ;)

Miss Mia cruising the beach.

Burying herself in the sand before we head home.

Sky, you one crazy mo fo!
I don't want to go home!

Would you like taters with that baby?????

Toddler Parking Lot Races


Future Beach Volleyball Star

Who are you and why do you keep taking my picture?

Toddler Kareoke

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Ralph and his peeps!!!

Mia Rey of Sunshine!!!!!!

Damn politicians calling me during GFest!!!!


Kerri said...

Looks like a blast!!! Hopefully next year...

Tracey said...

AWESOME pics! Looks like such great fun! I am hoping for next year! Glad you are home safe and sound:)

Sarah said...

What great pictures!! Wish we had more time to sit and chat... Bug had some tummy issues that had us contained in our room for much of the lobby love fest that I would have loved to have stayed for!

It was surreal meeting so many famous divas from their blogs, huh?

Tricia said...

Girl, you got some GREAT shots! And you know I loved the tutu bums! :) Too cute!!

I need info on your cool camera that I was eyeing when we were on the beach together!!

Can you drop me a line when you can?! :)


I loved meeting you & your precious fam! :)

jill marie said...

Oh, Kellllyyyyyyy, thank you for posting the pics. I SO wish I could have gone, but am happy to see all of the beauties! Thanks!

Of, course, the Skylie Butt is my fav!

Donna said...

Wow - as I expected awesome pics (I'm totally lifted them!)!! Lovin' the "taters" shower cap pose - hilarious!!

Okay - I'm going to go look at all the pics again and keep commenting each time!!

I asked Logan if he wanted to race Skylar again and he just busted out in a big OLE smile! He's SO crushin' on that girl!!

Argh - I miss everybody!

Our Family of 5 said...

Fantastic pictures! Did you have fun? I love the family shot of the 3 of you. Austin and Logan are as handsome as ever. All of the kids are beautiful. Miss Sky is as precious as ever. Do you ever really get tired of a cute butt in a tu-tu! Glad your back!!

colefamily said...

LOOKS like a fantastic time! We missed our Skylar photos--She looked like the aquarium was a blast--and those photos were darling!! If I havent said I LIKE YOUR NEW DESIGN on your blog!!! Have a super week Kelly-----

Leslie said...

awwww these pics melted my heart!!! i have never seen sooo many cute babies since our Embassy appt!!! LOL

I really must get abby that tu tu suit!!!


Rhonda said...

What great pictures you got. We didn't know about the "lobby fest"!!! So many gorgeous children!

Natalie C. said...

I just loe that little girl. I am so glad we finally got to meet.

JuJu - said...

love, love, love you and yrou family and this blog - it is my sunshine of the day - and right now - I REALLY need the sunshine - you are amazing - I hope you know that:) and I could eat that precious girlie up:) Love to Onnie too:)

Tina said...

Cute pics! Looks like you had tons of fun....hopefully next year.

Charlotte Mae said...

Hey neighbors! We are so glad you are all home and it looks like you had a great time! I love the picture of Ralph being ambushed by all of his little cute friends!

Anonymous said...

I've been sucked in to blogger world......... I MISS EVERYONE!!! I told Gwen thank you for talking me in to going, so many memories - so little time!!

Ask your mom if she'd like to go to Dicks for dinner with me??? Those people are in for a good a** woopin!

Mia's Other Mom - Jen

Heidi said...

I don't think you posted enough pics! LOL! Those are so great, it makes me jealous we weren't there!

Valerie said...

Love the pics. Especially the tutu butts! I gave Logan the Dramamine on the way home and it knocked him out! Then found out Ava gets car sick also! Yuck! It's good to be home with mountains of laundry to do. LOL!

Beverly said...

too too cute.

Our Complete Family said...

Looks like you guys had an AWESOME time! Ralph's new hairdo is a riot and the tutu swimsuit? Precious! Fun post to read! Happy Thursday~ Les

Kathy said...

Looked like a fabulous time! Wish I had been there...maybe next year!