Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Ate Her

Kate: Get Your lips off me woman!

Sky: Whatever!

Let's get married!

So happy on her wedding day. She looks a little miffed.

Blow'in in the wind


Ohhhhh No you di'int!!!

Boo Ba Dooba Doo

Yes Jeeves, get me a glass of Merlot.

Working out.

And Stretch.

And run.

D'OH Watch where your going Skylar!!!!!

Face Dive.

Quick recovery.

Not funny mom...NOT funny.

Chitter Chatter

I gotz to go!!!!


Cheese, where's Kate?

I ate her!

Fancy moves.

No I didn't really eat her. No I am not being a brat .



Tina said...

Cute! I always love the pics of her and kate together.

Leslie said...

OHhh that Kate is tooo cute as well!!!!!

Theres always a party at your house!


Rhonda said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is that. They are just the cutest little patooties! What awesome green grass too!!!
Hugs, rhonda

Kathy said...

Sky and Kate are just adorable together. How great they are so close!

Kaz said...

Popped in from 'Life with our two guat tots blog'. Blogging from the UK to you. Love the pics of the kids, the wedding looked lovely!!! Take a peak at my blog if you have a minute any blogger is a friend of mine Great blog keep up the good work. Karen

Michelle said...

So cute, I love to look at your pictures and dream that one day my sweet B will be home and I will have the same opportunities...


Heidi said...

They look like the best buds ever and really, how do you come up with these captions? I love 'em.

Cheri and Jesse said...

LOVE the "I ate her" picture!! What a cutie pie!! (and a stinker?)

Tracey said...

So when I broke the news to Bug that he had to share Sky with Kate...he freaked! I can't even get him to come out of him room to watch ELMO he is so upset:(

You need to have a chat with that little lady of yours and discuss the word...MONOGAMY! (Did I even spell that right?)

Beverly said...

such good friends.