Saturday, November 29, 2008


We met up with Brody and Saffron

I cannot believe it!!!!!!

I love BrodySaffron

And yes Sophie Bug was there too!

Sir !!! Here are your tickets!!!!!

AND Don't be a SCALPER!!!!!...LOL

Josie and Lucian were there too!!!!

And I was like WHOA!!!!!!

OMG Your Funny, I have missed you!!!!!

Looking awfully mischievious.

Driving Miss Kelly

Two Cuties

3 of the cutest girls I know

Girls in the Lou are crazy FUN!!!!!

Laughing at Skylar

Uncle Ralphie is Da Bomb

I'll take another drink PLEASE!!!!!

Hot Mommas

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Cubby

Full of It

Lovin' on the Velveteen Rabbit

Now I know why Sky has issues with the camera.

The far off in the distance look.

A new cubbie.

Even Kate enjoys it.

Enough Pictures woman!!!!!Lucy agrees.

A scary pic of LuLu.

It just looks so comfy, doesn't it?

I swear I didn't make this mess.

Look I'm a cat in a cat bed.

That's silly!!!!

Trying to lift Kate.( They are about the same size so this is amusing to me.)

Skylar calls Kate her "stister".

Big Cheese Squared.

Tickle Time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!!!!I think we all know what I am thankful for.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feeling A Bit Of Cheer

Lucy "helping out"

Cheesing for the "cramera"

Skylie Smiles

A little dity by the Christmas tree

And here we have some lovely ribbon

And some great snowflakes

That when doubled make some effin' fantastic glasses!!!!

PULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trying to decorate the tree

Holy crap on a cracker!!!!!!!!

Daddy's Fearless

My beautiful art

Hey I am the best designer around

I don't come cheap people!!!!!

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week!!!!