Saturday, November 29, 2008


We met up with Brody and Saffron

I cannot believe it!!!!!!

I love BrodySaffron

And yes Sophie Bug was there too!

Sir !!! Here are your tickets!!!!!

AND Don't be a SCALPER!!!!!...LOL

Josie and Lucian were there too!!!!

And I was like WHOA!!!!!!

OMG Your Funny, I have missed you!!!!!

Looking awfully mischievious.

Driving Miss Kelly

Two Cuties

3 of the cutest girls I know

Girls in the Lou are crazy FUN!!!!!

Laughing at Skylar

Uncle Ralphie is Da Bomb

I'll take another drink PLEASE!!!!!

Hot Mommas


Hannah said...

It looks like you guys had a great time!
Did you come to Ky or did Sophie bug make the trip to you?

Great pictures of cute babies!!

Leslie said...

Looks like everyone had a BLAST!!!! You guys are hot babes!!!


Kerri said...

What fun! We're a little jealous we didn't get to come play too. ;0)

Lilysmom said...

Hmm are you all sure you don't want to move to CA. The weather is 68 and sunny.

Cheri and Jesse said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!!

Steph, Rod & Parkersito said...

What a ton of fun!!!! Looks like the kids all had a wonderful time!

Anna said...

See what I mean??? My kids will never be as cute is these little cuties! All of you are stealing the looks and the attitude!

Tracey said...

FUN! I am jealous!!

Our Complete Family said...

Hey Hot Momma!
Looks like you guys did have an awesome time!
As always, Skylie looks so cute!
Happy new week ahead! Hugs, Les
p.s. Have you guys been to the jellystone park lights stuff by Six Flags StL? We're thinking about taking the kiddos when Jas is back in town from his Pacific trip in 2 weeks. Let me know if it's worth the 45 min drive each way hun if you've been!!! xo

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Ok another jealous friend here! Looks like you guys had a great time! Sky is full of 'tude as usual!

PS. there is a woman sitting on your lap in that last pic : )

Sarah said...

ROFLOL! I could not wait to see the captions you put with those pictures! Miss Skylie is a hoot!! And your hubby is a very patient and tolerant man to let those three girls climb all over him!!

It was great seeing you! Too bad I was so late getting there! Oh, the drama my life always seems to hold!! LOL!

Why didn't you warn me it was going to snow??

Rhonda said...

Oh what fun you guys all had! Love the pictures and great "hot mama's"!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

How stinken fun!! I totally wanna come visit!!

Heidi said...

That looks like a blast!

Jaime Salas said...

How fun! Miss you guys!