Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Red Robin and The Science Center

These are all crabobbled and out of order :(

Secrets Don't Make Friends.

But a horse of course.

Throwing up some signs.

Does this make me look funny?

I'm Skylar and I love grilled cheese.

Checking out the HWY 40 construction with BanANNA.

What are these two up to ????

Just flying an airplane. God help us all.

Santa ??? Are you there???? I want a white teapot and a mommy doll, a daddy doll, and a babydoll OHHHHHHHHH and a Bratz doll. ( Mommy shakes her head NO)


Valerie said...

NO BRATZ DOLLS! Those things are scary! With those big head and eyes they look evil. I'm surprised they just don't topple over.

Tracey said...

Love you guys!

Leslie said...

They have a law suit pending so all Bratz dolls are off the shelves..Thank God!! Im a Barbie girl myself!!!!


Tina said...

Cute pics of Sky! Was that the same science center where Toby decided to take a header into the display? I agree with no Bratz dolls...those damn things are ugly.

Rhonda said...

LOVED the pictures and soooo cute with her on the phone!!!

Kathy said...

Sky is so cute making all those silly faces! Those Bratz dolls are too trampy!! A nice princess doll would be so much nicer.

Heidi said...

Totally with ya on the Bratz dolls! Hope Skylar gets everything else on her list. :) She is so dang cute.

Our Family of 5 said...

She is totally having a major conversation on that phone. Love her little 'tude"

Our Complete Family said...

Every time I drive under that bridge I go REALLY fast b/c of those speed checker thingies. Yes, I might be a huge dork! But I always think it's so fun to 'gun' cars and see how fast they are going!
Hey, what was playing in the Omnimax? We need to head over again. We've got season passes so need to use them!
And, I told Jas we're not doing the lights near Six Flags. You're right~ the price is super high now. We're going to stick with the Shrine in Belleville. Have you hopped over to this side of the river to drive through it? It's not that far hun and I bet Skylie would LOVE it!
Merry December~ Les