Monday, August 25, 2008

Here it is

My New Fave Pic of my sweet girl.

Onnie, Pawpaw, Uncle Jeff , Anna and us went here on Sunday.

Its very haunted. (Supposedly)

Its real pretty.

I have a thing for steeples.



Beautiful Brown Eyes.

She makes this face ALL the time.

What'chu say?

Dirt is FUN.

I know I'm her mom and all BUT

She is seriously CUTE.

Quite Breathtaking .

She looks so small.

But she is getting sooooo big.

My potty trained girl.

Love this.

She is thinking about lunch-dinner, linner.

They opened the doors!!!! Let's GO!!!!

My Mom, and my best pal, you know her as Onnie
and many other names.


Give the girl a ring already. LOL

The Lavender Lady.

Talking Smack to Uncle Jeff.

Going down. On her butt cause her Daddy is a spaz.

Really Cool fireplace in the basement.

I must own this shirt. Its in very bad taste considering half the family killed themselves BUT you know me. LOL

Sleepy Girl.

Drunk in a Jungle.

Praying to get the hell outta here!!!!

DROP the twig and put your hands up!!!

Pawpaw leads the way.


Looks like somebody had a hard night of partying.

Nice Panty Girls!!!

That's my little Lady. LOL

I see dead people.



You thought I said the other poo-diddy word...didn't you?

Ha Ha I'm a joker.

Have a beer.

The House.

Another Steeple.

And another.

Cool looking... huh?

I remember coming here as a kid and thinking these chains were soooo huge. And you know what they still are.

The Jefferson Expansion Memorial
a.k.a. The Gateway to the West
a.k.a. The Arch

I had know idea it was this pretty.

Weird view of the Arch.

Beaver Shot.