Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Sort of

The Giggle Series:

Love her expression here

Skylie Butt

Daddy had to make her a tunnel.

Wrestling Smackdown

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Breasts

SO here's a funny... We were at Cracker Barrel last week and you know how they have the tee/peg "ignoramoose" game. Well Sky pretends that that is a birthday cake and her and Daddy were pretending it was my birthday. I blew out my "candles". Skylar says just loud enough for the surrounding tables to overhear " Mommy you have Big Breasts!!!!!!" LOL I am so glad I have a good set of "breasts" to blow out my candles!!!!!

She also announced last night that she was "So damn tired." LOL

Monday, January 26, 2009


Getting ready to run!

And she's off!!!!!

Hanging with the old man.

Love this , she was standing and then got in the same position as Daddy. So CUTE

My little soccer player!

She loved loved loved it!!!!!

She is actually coordinated!!!!!

Throwing things at Daddy.

My Little Kickaroo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Brusha Brusha Brusha

Cousin Cuteness

What's the you say????

The Inauguration Dance

In Depth with Skylar Francis

Loving her some Kate

Skylie Smiles for real.

Get Down Get Down

They were both non-stop for about 25 minutes.

Blurry but cute.


Ring Around The Rosie

Some rare LuLu Lov'in

Hannah Montana lessons

Its The Best of Both Worlds!!!!!!

No Autographs please!!!

Even Daddy got a lesson... Hannah Montana in drag.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Catch Up

Incredible Pizza Company Rocks

Flat on her face.

Oh dear God , I hope I never have to bail her out !!!!!!

A little help please?

The Bubsy Twins

What's Onnie making?


She looks so professional BUT
She don't know nothin' bout birthin' no babies and neither does her Momma.
Hot Cocoa Party
Pondering gas prices.
I'm gonna spit it at'chu if you don't cut it out.
She really is such a refined young lady.
OMG what the hell is that lady looking at?
Doesn't she realize who I'm with.
Its Tom Petty bitches!!!!!!
Oh wait ...its Onnie!!!!!!!

And her BFF from way back in the day Suzy (as Sky was calling her)
Please Note I May Be Physically Harmed For the Above Pics!!!!It was way worth it!!!!!!