Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skylar has been Tagged

Skylar was tagged by Sophia and Melia and Dani :

1. Skylar loves loves loves Peanut Butter Cups, its unhealthy how much she loves them.

2. Skylar did NOT cry when I dropped her off at pre-school yesterday, I cannot believe what a big girl she is.

3. Skylar loves her Bubby but doesn't have to have him like she used to.

4. Every time we go to Target we have to get a popcorn and Diet Coke. She loves it!

5. Skylar loves her cousin Kate like a sister, they fight like sisters too!

6. Skylar loves her cats Lucy and Lulu.

7. Skylar's laugh is contagious.

8. She fights naps and bedtime but once she's out she's out.

9. Skylar's best friend is her Onnie.

10. Her latest giggle words are doodie, stinky pickle feet, and fart.

We are tagging Holly,Gia, and Nino, Leslie and Abby, Lisa and Sophia.


Cheri and Jesse said...

What is a trip to Target without Popcorn and soda?!! The kids actually argue over who's turn it is to go because they know they get that everytime!

Kerri said...

I love that I can track that tag back to Ruby. :0)
That Skylar is one smart girl - peanut butter cups...doesn't get any better than that.

Valerie said...

Our trips to Target have to include popcorn and a smoothie!

Rhonda said...

hmmmmm, peanut butter cups, ymmy! Loved reading all about the Skylar facts!!!!

Leslie said...

That sky rocks..Diet coke,popcorn,Reeses Pnut butter cups and TARGET...MY kind of girl!!!

I will put abbys answers up tomorrow!!


Steph, Rod & Parkersito said...

Parker loves Reeses, too!! Skylar is a cutie and she and parker could really giggle about farts! :)

Tracey said...

Love that girl even more...Reeses are my favorite!