Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday GG and Hawaiian Lizards

Happy 82nd Birthday GG!!!!

Wanna piece of cake? Or perhaps a Hawaiian Blizzard?

Or did I say Hawaiian Lizard?

Kisses for Anna Banana

Laughing her butt off with Aunt Va Vern

Look at how Happy Aunt VaVern is to have Skylie in her life!

Miss Hollywood

I spot the birthday girl peeking around the corner.

Showing Anna what it takes to be a true ROCKSTAR

Model in the Wind

Senorita Sass n' Fras


Doing a lipstick ad.


Our Complete Family said...

Looks like fun! Happy bday GG!
Skylie is so adorable in all of her pics, that little sass a fras!!! ;)
Happy almost TGIF day hun~ Les

Anonymous said...

I love the one of Aunt VaVern looking at Skylar and laughing. What a cute big girl! Modeling. Puhleeze.

Mari Posa

Heidi said...

That girl is always the life of the party!

Tina said...

She is so stinkin cute! I love all her posin.

Valerie said...

Skylie always cracks me up with her posing!

Leslie said...

OH wow she is just a beauty!!!!!

Happy Birthday GG!


Samantha- Mama to Julian said...

what a beautiful pic of sky in anna's arms. print that one. :)

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Happy Birthday GG!!! 82 years young!

Sky is a cutie as usual!

Amy said...

She is so beautiful, she looks like she is getting so tall, looks so grown up already...knock it off Skylar. LOL

Trina G. said...

pictures are adorable