Friday, April 24, 2009

Main Street Shoot and STL Zoo

I think my mom's nuts.

Seriously Sitting.

Pretty girl.

She looks angelic here.


Old man stuck inside a little girl.

Looking ahead.

America's Next Top Model Toddler Edition

She is such a poser!

Fake cheese!

She looks so small.

Can you say "D-I-V-A" !

D'OH I am not a diva!

Pouty lipped, in deep thought .

Chill'in with the CafeMom Homies!

They take care of even the smallest members!

Sky and Ella are BFF's.

Monkey's look'in for monkey's!!!!

SO sweet!!!!

Checking out the zebras!

Skylie Butt

Get a load of this!!!!!!

That zebra has an extra leg. OMG!!!!!!!!


Leslie said...

wow that zebras leg is HUGE..lmao!

Looks like you are having great weather too!!!!

I love skys shirt!


Cheri and Jesse said...

I don't know which is my favorite pic. They are all so stinking cute. Great pics. And I don't think I've ever paid attention to the flower bows, so I take back what I said. They are adorable, guess I'll have to call Samantha and order a few!!!


Tina said...

Love the pics. She is just the cutest thing. And good golly Mrs Zebra is an awefully lucky lady-horse. :P

Kerri said...

She's just gorgeous!!!

aamayna said...

A cutie pie as always! Love the shirt and blue bows!!

Cheryl, said...

So cute. I love the one with all the girls holding hands. That is just so sweet. What is up with that Zebra?? lol

Robyn said...

What beautiful pics!! I love both of Skylie's outfits!!

Lilysmom said...

Cute cute cute. Love the pictures where sky is posing. Work it girl. And holy smokes zebra's got game!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

I love the picture where she looks so small in the doorway. Great pics. Is that Main Stree St. Charles? I need to do another photo shoot with my kiddos.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics and the comments about the zebra. Funny!

bluethenpink said...

Super cute as always!!! I love the supermodel pose on the bench, that one ROCKS!! Leave it to you to find the **giggle, giggle** 5 legged "stripety horse"! LOL!!!

Hannah said...

I am LOVING sky-baby's shirt...that is awesome!

She is BEAUTIFUL...just in case I haven't mentioned that lately!

Rhonda said...

How fun and so loved seeing all the pictures of Miss Sky!!! She can really do the "posing" thing!!! Love zoo's and what is up with the zebra????

Valerie said...

LMAO about the captions and the zebra! I'm so glad Logan didn't see that Zebra, he would probably talk about it for months.

Jaime Salas said...

Awesome photo's! She really is ANTM. I need to take the girls to main street for a photo shoot!

Love the bows too!

Anonymous said...

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