Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blogger Woes!

I am trying to upload pics but it won't let me. I am trying to be a good blogger DAMMIT!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Happens at Onnie's Stays at Onnie's

Today's Special

Would you like tater's with that baby????

Nothin' like a twinkie break!

What???? I had to make sure it wasn't poisoness!!!!


You actlike you've never seen anyone eat this fantastic concoction before!

Can I have a minute please?

Clean up #1

Wooooo I need a drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I did it again ...SOOOOOOOO What

Its must've been the Vodka.

My Mom would shit if she knew!!!Ha Ha

Chocolate Goatee

The " Oh No What have I Done- Guilt " is setting in.

EWWW A hula disctraction

We Love You Stinky Face!!!!!!!!!
Some Skylar Funnies
When talking about the stray cat we saw in the backyard she said ,"Apparently their was worms coming out of its butt".
When talking about the fox at Grant's farm,"The fox was so cute in its twig hole, I can't get off of my mind".
Daddy was getting out of the showerand he always covers up and she says," Daddy why do you always cover your cootie...COME ON TELL ME THE TRUTH...its cuz you don't want me to see your penis". ( OH MY)
Anna was bad mouthing the people at her nail salon and sky interrupts her ,"STOP IT , THAT'S EXTERMINATION !!!!!"
When a song comes on the radio that we like to sing to ,"I'll handle this , Mommy". I guess she doesn't like my singing...I do get into it :)
Now we need a favor ...would you please get the word out on your blogs or on Facebook to pray for fellow Guate tot named Avianna , her and her Papa were hit by a car last week and are in need of our prayers. I would love it if any of you could make her a prayer button because I don't know how to do that so we could post it on our blogs but in the meantime you can visit her Mom's blog. Click here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Big Pool, Park, Grant's Farm, and Bad Dog

Happy Water Baby!!!!

All smiles

Wow her face looks so much older here.

She is really doing good with swimming.

D'OH !!!!

She is so nervous here.

Freak'in out!!!!!!

Ahhhh I made it!!!!

Looking good fish girl!

"Gettin' my tan on"

She looks like she has the pool to herself...

But it was actually prety crowded!

Mom's feet!

The Park

Skater Girl

OMG The thing on her head us going to eat her face!!!!!

Hanging out with "The Sisters"

Miss Thang playing DS
Grant's Farm

I don't know about this ride, momma!

I am really not sure if I am happy to be here.

How cute is this little fox?

Feeding the goats...outside the gates.

This is much better than being inside where they were eating her shirt and jumping on us with their shit covered feet. Yes Mommy and Daddy stunk of goat shit the rest of our trip. Good times! :)

Wooooooo You Stink!!!!!

Sooooooooooo who wants a snow cone?


Its a little tart.

Daddy's shirt says, "I'm really excited to be here".

Put your hands in the air!!!!!!!And wave 'em like you just dont care!!!!!

Cuz I roll like that!!!!
Bad dog

What is up with the giiiiii-freak'in-normous

Mother eff'in spiders and this family?????

Linda....Bad dog has a mouse in his mouse!!!!!!

Shooting Bad Dog for being mean to Josie.

Little did you know , she has quite a violent streak.


Planning "the Hit" against Bad Dog.

Yep here he is, Bad Dog.

Its just a toy gun , Mother!!

I got him!!!!!!!!

That's my little gang'sta!!!!!!!