Saturday, July 4, 2009

City Museum

OMG I haven't had my coffee yet!!!!!

Where are we?????

Onnie and Sky going down the 3 story slide!

Mom I have a headache!

She's got BALLS!!!!!

Me and my Monkey

PawPaw and Onnie

Sky and her Monkey :)

Best Pals

Big Boy with Big Girl

Playing a ditty

Going Up? It looks like an elevator but its actually a hot air balloon basket.

Some more .

A Lil' help Mom?????

Anna getting a manicure from fish who suck your dead skin off... it felt very WEIRD!

Look closer and you'll see Sky in a fishtank.

Does he really know?????

Sitting on a whale

Looking at the sting rays

This otter kept hissing at Anna, it was hilarious!

Way TOO much stimulation!!!!Its time to go home!


Rhonda said...

ahhh, what great pictures. What a fun time :-)

Vanessa said...

Looks like she had a great time!

Kerri said...

Good times!!!

Leslie said...

FUN times!

Our Complete Family said...

Hey girl! Happy 4th of July weekend to you! We skipped town from the Lou and headed to FL to visit Jas while he's on his 6 month stint here. I was in dire need of some mommy time!!! ;)
Love the City Museum~ that is Bryce's fav place in the Lou to go! He loves to go underground in that play area...that teeny tiny tunnel. I'm too chicken to go with him. Quite frankly I think my a** would get stuck! ;)
Loved seeing all the pics of your fun summer so far. You guys stay on the go! Neat outtings!
Happy rest of the 4th weekend to you and your sweet fam!

Hannah said...

You had me at Balls!!


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

What kind of museum has a ball pit? Looks like you guys had a great time. Your family looks like so much fun, can you say jealous?!? Sky is adorable as usual : )

Valerie said...

You guys are having just way too much fun!