Thursday, July 2, 2009

Farm Firsts

Old Phil getting up to go inside to hide from the fireworks.

Lil' Miss is so excited to show the boys the farm.

Pawpaw and Sky

Silly Chicas

I feel a lil' crazy!!!!!


Sky named her Krispy Harse (not to be confused with crispy horse)

Anna smooches Krispy

Oh Dear I hope she doesn't try to breastfeed.

This one is my fave.

Whatchu SAY?????

Pawpaw looks enthused but I gotta love Ralph's finger!!!!!!Smartass!!!!

Time to dig out the Ped-Egg.

Kelly your feet are funny!They make me giggle!


Oh My Garsh!!!!!!!!

This here watermelon sure is tastey!!!!!!

Brit Brit


You know she's going to Hollywood, she told me I'd see her on TV.

Ralphie is pulling a Brit Brit too! Jeff and Sky look like they're groov'in!

Cookies are delish!!!!

BUT they make me do this! Watch me! Look at me!!

Strike A Pose

Giggle Butt!!!!

C'mere Mommy ! Let me give ya a wet one!!!!

I loved the fireworks!!!!!!!!!!


aamayna said...

She just looks like somuch fun and full of life!! I love it!

Hannah said...

you are cracking me up! I love it :)

BTW I can not believe you put your crusty toes on here!! I have a pedi egg or I did until my daughter hid it last month.

Leslie said...

Ewww get a pedi kelly! lol

Krispy is a cute kitty!!!

Sky is such a HOOT!

happy 4th to you and your family!!!


Tina said...

y'all are a hoot! Sure looks like you had fun. I love how you capture exactly who Sky is...too precious!!!!

Rhonda said...

How fun, she is so funny! Love the pictures. Happy 4th

RamblingMother said...

What great pics. what a fun day.